Results 8a Neda el Món Swim Barcelona



Here you have the results of the Swim Barcelona by Neda el Món. 

See you in our next swim: Swim Sa Dragonera

Swim Barcelona: Waves and Plan B


swim barcelona neda el mon

The eighth edition of Swim Barcelona by Neda el Món was held yesterday in a day marked by complicated maritime conditions, which forced the Neda el Món team to do a shorter swim in a controlled area on Mar Bella Beach.

The swim could finally be carried out in Mar Bella in a 1.500m circuit. Swimmers of the 5.700m swim made three laps around it, while participants of the 3,600m did two.

In addition, the Sports Council of Barcelona and Neda el Món organized short 50m,100m and 200m swims for young swimmers. A total of 180 children could swim yesterday in Mar Bella. The Kids race were also affected by sea conditions. In their case they were carried out on the right side of the breakwater of Mar Bella, where the sea was much calmer.

We take this opportunity to thank all the participants for their assitance, Neda el Món's Sea Operations team and the coastguards. Also, we would like to mention our partners: Zone3Nutritape, VITAM, SafeCare, Tuath Studio, El Quinto Meta, el Centre Municipal de Vela i l'Ajuntament de Barcelona, as well as all the volunteers who made the event possible.

Thank you so much! 

Safe Sea, special sunscreen for jellyfish stings


Safe Sea

Safety is a basic tenet in Neda el Món, that is why we have decided to add the Safe Sea cream to our online store. Safe Sea contains unique and patented ingredients that protect against jellyfish stings in several ways:

  • Its slippery texture makes it difficult for the stinging tentacles to get a grip.
  • Chemical (stoppers) in the lotion block up the sites where the stinging process is activated. 
  • Other inhibitors (stoppers) block the chemical pathway. 
  • Chemical stoppers reduce pressure in the stinging cells, preventing the jellyfish from firing its stings.

Safe Sea prevents the stimulation of jellyfish tentacles after contact with the human skin. 

Other features:

  • UVB / UVA Protection. Safe Sea contains physical, chemical and biological filters which reduce the effects of solar radiation on the skin.
  • Very water resistant. Clinical trials have proven that Safe Sea is very water resistant, enduring up to 80 minutes of aquatic activities. In case of minimum contact with water, Safe Sea's protection is prolonged.
  • Preservative-free. Safe Sea’s formula is sterile, so there’s no need for toxic preservatives such as parabens.
  • Water-in-Oil emulsion. Safe Sea’s Water-in-Oil emulsion gives the skin an excellent feel and keeps it hydrated.
  • Contains vitamins B and E. Vitamins B and E, which are present in Safe Sea, are important antioxidants for the human body.
  • With Bioplasma, GAG and Glycoproteins. Safe Sea’s formula contains Bioplasma-FA, the plankton extract with patented sting inhibitors. Together with GAG and glycoproteins, they improve the skin’s hydration and have anti-aging and anti-stress properties.

Available in two different formats in our online store.

Final days to register for the Swim Barcelona race!


swim barcelona


We are about to close registrations for the 8th Neda el Món Swim Barcelona that will take place on May 27th in Barcelona. If you do not have registered yet, it is time to do it soon, because we are a few days away of closing registrations. On Monday, 21st the registration process will close.

With two distances, 5.7 km and 3.6 km, the 8th Neda el Món Swim Barcelona is a fantastic swim that will allow you to enjoy spectacular views of the skyline of Barcelona from the sea.

Register here!

¿Te unes a la moda Swim Run?


swim run llanca

Recordad que ya podéis apuntaros a la 1ª Neda el Món Swim Run Llançà - El Port de la Selva que discurre por la Costa Brava Norte y tiene dos distancias: 10K y 28K, con salidas desde de la playa de Llançà, y con las llegadas a la localidad marinera de El Port de la Selva.

Si deseas ver contenido sobre la carrera puedes pulsar aquí:

Ajuntament de Llançà, Ajuntament del Puert de la Selva, Ajuntament de Colera, Club Nàutic El Port de la Selva, SALAsalut. 


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