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Policy of changes and refunds of Neda El Món products

1. Customers have a maximum of 10 working days after receiving a command to claim a refund.

2. In case a customer wants to change or return a product, this product must have the original package and labels, undamaged, it must be conveniently packed in its original parcel and well protected. The product to be returned must be in the same condition as it was when the customer received it.

3. If a customer wants to change or return a product, he should start sending an e-mail to If he wants to return a product he must state the reason and he must give a bank account number so Neda El Món can transfer the amount. If he wants to change a product, he should stipulate the model, brand, size colour etc.

4. In case the customer wants to change or return a product because it does not correspond to the one he ordered, Neda El Món will pay the costs of sending that product back and sending the correct one to the customer.

5. If a product has to be returned due to a mistake made by the costumer, this costumer must send it back in its original state and assuming the costs of transport. Neda El Món will return the amount of the product, deducting the transport and management expenses.

6. If a customer wants another product or another size, this customer will assume the transport costs to Neda El Món, and Neda El Món will pay the costs of sending the right product back to the costumer.