Christmas discounts at Neda el Món Store!

If you want to give away open water and swimrun products in Christmas, take advantage of the Neda el Món Store discounts: 20% discount on wetsuits and accessories with the code CHRISTMASNEO and 30% discount on the rest of the Neda el Món Store with the code CHRISTMASNEM.

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These Christmas, give Neda el Món!

If you have a swimmer near you and you want to surprise him/her, Neda el Món vouchers are a great option. Vouchers of 20 €, 35 €, 50 € ... up to 150 € to give to whoever you want. The lucky one will be able to deduct their voucher from any Neda el Món activity or product. You can purchase the voucher electronically...

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Neda el Món has regained the Neda el Món Shop

We’re pleased to announce that we have regained control of the Neda el Món Shop, and that we are able to offer you, again, the best products for your competitions and trainings, for openwater swimming as well as for swimrun. You will find detailed information about our products here.

We will celebrate this good news, good for Neda el Món and for our swim addicts, by promoting the Neda el Món Black Week, from today...

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Neda el Món Black Week; 15% discount!

In order to celebrate our new 2022 activity calendar and that we are in control of the Neda el Món Shop again, we promote, from today onwards till Sunday November 28th, the Neda el Món Black Week, which means you’ll get 15% discount on all Neda el Món Shop products and on all Neda el Món 2022 crossings, by using this BLACKNEDAELMON code. 15% discount on all activities and on all Neda el Món products!

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