Gibraltar Strait is coming

Swimmers who will be crossing the Strait of Gibraltar at the beginning of September face the final stretch of physical preparation in an intense weekend with lots of pool and sea trainings.

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11a Neda el Món Illes Medes in benefit of Marató TV3 by Zoggs

For those who do not know about the swim, it is a crossing that fully allocates its profits to the TV3 Marató, which this year focuses on the fight against coronavirus.

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Neda el Món Zoggs

How to improve your pace in open water swimming

How can you build your pace in open water swimming? Have you been working on your technique for a long time, but can't get faster? How can you structure your training sessions? Here are some guidelines that will help you build your pace.

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Gibraltar crossing 2020: we’ve closed registrations. The registration for Gibraltar crossing 2021 is opened

As we’ve completed the 24 inscriptions for the 2020 Gibraltar crossing, Neda el Món opens from now on the inscriptions for the 2021 crossing. Are you up for an incredible challenge? Cross the Strait of Gibraltar with us in 2021! It’s between 16 and  18 km of  open  waters, swimming from Tarifa to Morocco, accompanied by dolphins, moonfish, tuna fish...

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