Gibraltar Strait is coming


Swimmers who will be crossing the Strait of Gibraltar at the beginning of September face the final stretch of physical preparation in an intense weekend with lots of pool and sea trainings.
Last weekend some of the swimmers who will cross the Strait of Gibraltar in September trained on Saturday and Sunday to be able to assess their fitness and add the final training loads before their arrival in Tarifa (the town that will host them during the week they attempt the crossing).
On Saturday morning the group of swimmers performed a 4,000m soft pool session that included a swimming test to assess their pace and fitness. On Sunday they did a longer swim of 7,000m between Sant Andreu de Llavaneres and Arenys de Mar, aimed at swimming comfortably with the rest of the group.
It should be noted swimmers participating in this crossing receive advice from Neda el Món technical team from the moment they start this adventure. In addition, during the six months prior to the crossing they receive five weekly training sessions to help them do quality training designed to face this challenge with the maximum guarantees. Three face-to-face trainings are also scheduled in Barcelona.
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