More Strait trainings!


This 2019 will be the eighth consecutive year that Neda el Món - Swim the World will cross the Strait of Gibraltar. Before crossing the Strait in September, our swimmers are preparing really hard. We notice it each month at the common training organized at the Arenys de Mar Nautical Club. 
On May 11th, it was the third training of the squad of the Strait. They have 2 more trainings before the final test, that will carry out the August 24th 2019.
This year the squad has 24 members, up to 8 different nationalities, who share their passion to swim in the open sea. The group was shut in October 2018.

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Medes Islands swim

The Neda el Món Zoggs Medes Islands Marató TV3 celebrates this year its 10th anniversary and in order to commemorate with lots of swim addict, Neda el Món offer a 10 % discount to the first 100 swimmers who sign in to any of the three distances of the 10th Neda el Món Zoggs Medes Islands Marató TV3 which will take place on October 20: 1.7 k, 3.4 k or 5.2 k.

Just enter the code MEDES10 during the registration process. Be a part of it and enjoy with us the Natural Park of the Medes Islands!

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