Neoprene is the new black


neoprene is the new black

Does neoprene look good on you? You'll look even nicer with the new T-shirt.designed by Neda el Món and manufactured by Sural!

Two models available: short sleeve and racerback tank top. 100% cotton with the inscription ''Neoprene is the New Black''.

Grab yours on our online store!

2nd Formigues Islands · Medes Islands swim video, 22,3 km


Here you have the video for the 2nd Formigues Islands · Medes Islands swim. Breathtaking!

Reduced-price fee for the 4th Sailfish SwimBarcelona swim only until June 26!



Do not miss it, Thursday 26th is the last day to take advantage of the reduced-price fee for the 4th Sailfish SwimBarcelona swim!

With two distances, 5.7 km and 3.6 km, it is a truly amazing swim where you will enjoy views to the skyline of Barcelona from the sea. Sign in now, all the details on this link!

Moreover, you will be able to enjoy 2 days devoted to open water swimming:

Saturday July 5th:

Sunday July 6th:

Held in Sardinia the first Neda el Món Swimholidays!



This weekend took place the first Swimholidays organized by Neda el Món in Sardinia. Quite an experience!

Crystal clear water, a sailboat, a great atmosphere and lots of swim addiction!

Do not miss the photo album for this holidays.

Armor-X waterproof cases on our online store



Armor-X is a brand of waterproof cases, submersible covers and brackets for smartphones and tablets.

All their products were created with athletes and adventurers in mind. They allow you to safely and securely bring your smartphone with you while you venture into extreme environments or weather conditions.

If you want to securely carry your smartphone with you while you are swimming, get one of this covers on our online store!


Video for the 4th Sailfish Sa Dragonera swim


Do not miss the video for the 4th Sailfish Sa Dragonera swim!

July 5th and 6th: the swim addiction takes Barcelona!



Do not make any plans for July 5th and 6th because we are organizing an eventful weekend for you! Plenty of open water swimming related activities for you to make the most of your swim addiction:

Saturday July 5th:

Sunday July 6th:

Physiotherapy sessions with El Quinto Meta



El Quinto Meta is the team of physiotherapists always present at the arrival of our swims to help you with the muscle recovery after exercise.

Now you will find them also at the Bernat Picornell Swimming Pools facilities for physiotherapy treatments.

Find more information on this link.

Enjoy the summer and the open waters with Neda el Món!


open water swimming

The warm weather is coming, the sea water temperature raises and the Neda el Món schedule gets intense! 

We offer you lots of swim addiction for this summer, are you up for it?

6th Railsider Transfronterera postponed to June 29



Due to the strong winds forecast for June 15th, the 6th Railsider Transfronterera swim has been postponed to Sunday June 29.

All of you registered to the event have received an e-mail with information about this issue, as well as an alternative option.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it really is the best option given the circumstances of this weekend. A big hug for everyone.

In any case, the registration process is still opened, so you are in time to join the challenge and cross the border!

BISC Sercotel, official hotel for the 4th Sailfish SwimBarcelona


hotel swimbarcelona

If you are registered for the 4th Sailfish SwimBarcelona and want to stay the night in Barcelona, the BISC Sercotel (Barcelona International Sailing Centre Sercotel) is your easiest choice!

The BISC Sercotel is just below the photovoltaic panel, end point of the swim.

Besides that, you can book your room with a 5% discount by clicking here!

Rural tourism in el Ripollès for those registered to the 6th Railsider Transfronterera



If you are registered for the Railsider Transfronterera do not miss the opportunity to spend a weekend of rural and active tourism in el Ripollès!

Neda el Món and La Peçallarga offer you a 20% discount when booking the house.

You'll love it! Visit the site or call 649 84 37 60 to book.

Do you want to know how the Neda El Món security buoy works?


open water swimming buoy

Do you want to know how exactly works the ISHOF Neda El Món safety buoy for open water swimmers? Do not miss this video!

The buoy serves four important functions without hindering your performance or stroke:

  • It makes you visible to boaters, jet skis, kite boarders or other potential human hazards while you are swimming.
  • It can be used as a floatation device when you need it in the case of cramps, dizziness or injury.
  • It can be used to rescue others
  • It can keep your stuff safe while your swimming or allows you to take along your stuff on one-way swims across the sea, rivers or lakes. 

And remember that it is available in two sizes on our online store:

  • 64 x 30 cm: 34.00 €
  • 60 x 26 cm: 29.00 €

Get your Sa Dragonera swim T-shirt!


samarreta sa dragonera

Did you miss the 4th Sailfish Sa Dragonera?

Sorry to say that there is nothing you can do until 2015, though you can always wear the T-shirt of the swim and feel a little bit better about it...

Grab yours for only 10 € in our online store! 

The 6th Railsider Transfronterera is just around the corner!


Railsider Transfronterera

This Sunday June 15 we invite you to swim across the border from France to Spain: such a challenge you can still sign in for!

We’ll start at Cerbère (France), following the Cap de Cerbère and enjoying part of the Marenda Coast. The challenge will end at the lovely Portbou village, protected by a rock-cut bay. From year 2013, you can swim Transfronterera (Cerbère - Portbou 3.300m) or double Transfronterera (Portbou - Cerbère - Portbou 6.600m).

Are you joining us? All details on this link!

Neda el Món Junior: open waters for small swim addicts


Neda el Món Junior

Neda el Món wants to spread the swim addiction also among the children, that is why we have created Neda el Món Junior! 

Neda el Món Junior is the children's version of the non-competitive Neda el Món swims, a play activity that aims to promote open water swimming among kids, with distances for all swimming levels.

The Junior events planned for this 2014 are:

  • 3rd Transfronterera Junior (15 June)
  • 3rd Sailfish SwimBarcelona Junior (6 July) 
  • 1st Combarro · Tambo Island Junior (27 July)
  • 1st Santa Marina Island Junior (31 August)

Registrations are open on our website!

2nd edition of the Formigues Islands - Medes Islands swim


Formigues Medes

14 swimmers jumped into the water on Saturday to swim the 22,3 km of the Formigues - Medes crossing. Of those 14, 7 had to abandon and 7 more reached Medes after swimming for more than 9 hours.

The toughness of the swim caused the withdrawals around the kilometer 10, specially among those swimmers that were not wearing a wetsuit.

The swimmers that completed the crossing are: Michael Pranckl, Rubén Sarlé, Boguslaw Wozniak, Sergio Castelnuovo, Pere Dalmau, Loic Tordo and Josep Maria Caireta.

Congratulations to all participants, those who finished and those who did not, because they all deserve our admiration. A big hug to you all!

Pictures of the swim.

Saturday June 7, Formigues-Medes: 22.3 Km!


Formigues Medes

Saturday June 7 we are going to celebrate the Formigues - Medes swim, the longest open waters crossing organised in Catalonia every year: 22.3 Km!

A route across the most famous Costa Brava sceneries: the Formigues Islands, the Sant Sebastià lighthouse, Tamariu, la Punta del Mut, Aiguablava, Sa Tuna, Aiguafreda, El Cap de Begur, Pals beach and the Medes Islands.

Among the participants, our coachJonathan Gómez and the swimmer Jordi Bosch, currently in the top 5 of the open waters in Spain and owner of an exceptional sports curriculum.

More info here!

Next stop: 6th Railsider Transfronterera!



Next Sunday June 15 we invite you to swim across the border from France to Spain: such a challenge! In fact, it used to be a crime before the Schengen Agreement. Nowadays it’s a romantic adventure.

We’ll start at Cerbère (France), following the Cap de Cerbère and enjoying part of the Marenda Coast. The challenge will end at the lovely Portbou village, protected by a rock-cut bay. From year 2013, you can swim Transfronterera (Cerbère - Portbou 3.300m) or double Transfronterera (Portbou - Cerbère - Portbou 6.600m).

The registration fee for the 6th Railsider Transfronterera is € 39 before June 5, and € 45 thereafter.

The event will also include a children’s version for small swim addicts: Swim the World Junior! Distances, according to swimming levels will be 50 m,  100 m or 200 m. The registration fee for kids is € 3.

Are you up for it? More details on this link!

4th Sailfish Sa Dragonera swim!


sa dragonera

The 4th edition of the Sailfish Sa Dragonera swim held on June 1 in Majorca, had a high turnout, a great atmosphere and a palpable spirit of self-improvement among all participants.

Most of the swimmers opted for the long distance, 9.5 km around the island, which was very hard in some sections due to the wind that got up in the mid morning. A tough swim that became a test of physical and mental endurance for the swimmers.

At the end of the event, the participants enjoyed a delicious paella at the Andratx Yatch Club.

We would like to take this opportunity to send our deepest gratitude to all the sponsors, contributors and volunteers who once again made this iconic swim of the Swim the World calendar possible.

Upcoming events:

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