Registrations open for Illes Medes 2024!



We already have a date for the 15th edition of the Neda el Món Illes Medes for the Marató TV3 by ZOGGS: May 5th, 2024. After the success of this year 2023, Neda el Món and ZOGGS are preparing an even more spectacular edition for you 2024. Almost a year away, but we can't wait to do it again! We miss you swim addicts!

Information and registration here.

Nedaddicte week in Croatia


Dubrovnik team Girona

Spectacular week of addiction in Croatia and Montenegro. As part of the SwimHolidays Dubrovnik, with a group of 10 Nedadicts from Geieg Girona, we visited Kotor, Perast, Stone and Dubrovnik, in addition to swimming the always spectacular islands of the Croatian coast, such as Koloceb and Lokrum.

Even though the weather was not good the first few days, we managed to swim about 11,000 meters for the last 3 ten days. How we like to work for addicts!

Next year, SwimHolidays Dubrovnik from June 21 to 24. You have all the information here.

We already have the 2024 calendar!



We already have the calendar closed for the Neda el Món 2024 season. With more enthusiasm than ever and with the support as always from ZOGGS and HEAD, we will repeat one more year with Medes, Dubrovnik, Maddalena, Gibraltar, Bonifacio, Rhodes-Marmaris and Cap de Creus. You can see the full program here.

Looking forward to seeing you again, swim addicts! In 2024, more and better!

Alain Simac also crosses from Europe to Asia!



Alain Simac was unable to complete the Rhodes Marmaris in his first attempt as he felt unwell on Sunday 8 October. But Alain didn't give up, and neither does Neda el Món! In the next break that the weather gave us, on Wednesday 11 October, Alain tried again, this time in the opposite direction, from Rhodes (Greece) to Marmaris (Turkey).

The currents were more favourable on this side of the crossing and Alain made a fantastic time, 6 hours 41 minutes, and without a wetsuit! Alain already holds the record for crossing from Europe to Asia without a wetsuit. Congratulations Alain!

If you want to be the next to participate in this wonderful crossing, don't think about it: book yourself from 5 to 13 October next year and register here.

13 nedaddictes complete Rhodes-Marmaris... for now!



They have done it again! All our groups crossed on Sunday, October 8, from Asia to Europe, from Turkey to Greece, from Marmaris to Rhodes. In total there were 13 swimmers who completed the challenge!

Our first group was Oceanos, with Núria Soriano, Josep Sanchez, Marc Grau and Jorge Perez from Spain and Benoit Lamour from France, with a time of 6 hours and 13 minutes. Subsequently, the Alia team, formed by Nicolas Felger (France) and Brian Lasky (USA, and without neoprene), completed the crossing in 7 hours and 54 minutes. Isabelle Van Passel (Belgium) and Bryan Main (USA, also without wetsuit) were part of the Allotria team, and they did it in 8 hours and 40 minutes. Finally, our last group, made up of Yana Lahvinenko (Ukraine, without wetsuit), Josep Llobet (Spain), Jean Bernard Esperance (France) and Albert Samper (Spain), crossed the finish line in 9 hours and 21 minutes, already late Rhodes night.

All groups left the Turkish island of Kizilada and arrived at Windy beach in Rhodes. During the journey, the Nedaddicts encountered winds from East to West, which diverted them on their path, and winds from South to North, which delayed them at times. Finally, in the second half of the journey, they were favored by the northwest winds, which allowed them to correct their trajectory and arrive victorious in Rhodes.

Next year, more and better at Rhodes-Marmaris. We already have the dates closed and you have all the information here.

A day later, two more swimmers in Bonifacio: 18 out of 18!!



After 16 of 16 nedaddicts on September 25 in the Strait of Bonifacio, on Tuesday the 26th two other nedaddicts, François Peyrot (France) and Marc Caballé (Spain, and founder and CEO of Neda el Món) also achieved the challenge.

In both cases, the swimmers had to overcome large currents against them in the last kilometer and a half, having to invest more than an hour to complete this small distance. François needed 5 hours and 5 minutes to complete 18.1km and Marc 6 hours and 15 minutes to complete 18.7km. They also both ended up in Capo Testa, in this case on the west side.

Congratulations Nedaddicts!

Resounding success in Bonifacio... one more year!



Neda el Món continues with the same dynamics as last year and repeats 100% of the swimmers who manage to cross the Strait of Bonifacio between France and Italy! All the swimmers have completed the training and this has meant that they arrived in Bonifacio prepared to achieve the challenge in the best possible way. With a time of 5 hours and 15 minutes on average!

September 25th started early. At 8:02 we begin the crossing towards Sardinia. We left Capo Pertustato (Corsica) and headed towards Capo Testa. The groups were Tiburon, Limoges, Artem and Baltics. The first group was made up of Davide Tamborrini (Italy, the only one without a wetsuit), Pau Domeq (Spain), Paulo Torres (Portugal) and Raul Torres (Spain). This group managed to cross in 5 hours and 4 minutes. On the other hand, the Limoges group where we found people from Spain like Gabriel Trenzado, Miguel Bravo, Hector Quero and Juan Ramón Llorente and the Frenchman Richard Dacoury, managed to cross the strait in 5 hours and 23 minutes! The Artem group, made up entirely of Ukrainians Angelina Lypinska, Roman Domin, Yarolsav Ramonshko, Artem Panchenko and Sergii Matus, crossed in just 5 hours and 33 minutes. And the Baltic group, with Alejandrina Til (Russia) and Justas Narkevicius (Lithuania), achieved a time of 5 hours and 48 minutes for the Russian swimmer and just one minute later for the Lithuanian swimmer.

The 4 groups reached very similar times between them, and this is the result of the great coordination work of Neda el Món. But it is also part of the pre-crossing preparation of all swimmers from their own countries. Congratulations to all!!

Thank Lo Squalo Bianco, our motorboat supplier, for his excellent work. Grazie mille Lo Squalo Bianco!

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