A free month at Club Neda el Món!



Neda el Món, along with our coach and at the same time the Director of Swim Emotions, Jonathan Gómez, restarts the pool training sessions for all our swimmers. You can choose one day a week or two, in Barcelona in winter and in the 50m outdoor swimming pool at Masnou in summer. If you are interested just send us an email to and we will send you more detailed information. The first month is free!

Medes 2022: for the cardiovascular diseases



As you, swim addicts, all know, for the last 13 years Neda el Món has given 100% of the Neda el Món Illes Medes by ZOGGS benefits to the television and radio programme of the TV3 and Catalunya Radio Marathon. The 31st edition of the TV3 Marathon will be held on December 18th 2022 and will be dedicated to cardiovascular diseases. In developed countries, cardiovascular diseases are the main death cause, and they are cause of death of 32% of the total world population. Diseases which involve heart and blood vessels are chronic. This means that the patients’ quality of life is directly affected, and the disease generates dependency, often  complications, and a huge amount of healthcare and socioeconomic costs. Altogether it has become a public health concern.

Since 1992, when the first edition of the solidarity program took place, TV3 and Catalunya Radio have collected nearly 225 million Euros. Since 2009, Neda el Món and its swim addicts provided 23.415 Euros. Solidarity mustn’t stop! In May, let’s enjoy and swim for the TV3 Marathon; let’s swim for the cardiovascular diseases!

Paella to close the Medes event



Spectacular end of the 13a Neda el Món Illes Medes per la Marató de TV3 by ZOGGS with the local chefs Cuiners de la Terra. Genís and his team are a group of chefs who love Catalan tradition and gastronomy. They offer a wide variety of dishes such as fideuas, paellas and traditionally roasted pigs. After the crossings, and while we enjoy our One Day Dj's, all the organisation and the swimmers you want will close the party with a popular Paella in Plaça de la Llevantina, right next to the arrival point. With popular prices (€ 14 adults, € 9 children), you can book a place here.

One Day Dj's will be in Medes!



At the end of the 5.1k and 3.9k swims of the 13a Neda el Món Illes Medes per la Marató de TV3 by ZOGGS, and during the awards and the Closing PaellaOne Day Dj's will entertain us with their funkky, disco and dance versions of songs from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Dj Dani Homs and the drummer and percussionist Carlos Viñals are two expert musicians, the best to end an unforgettable day in L'Estartit. They are the other cracks that also join Neda el Món's family. You can start enjoying them here. Thanks artists!

New circuit in the 1.7k swim in Medes



To make it more attractive and, at the same time, make the start of the 1.7k crossing of the 13th Neda el Món Illes Medes per la Marató de TV3 by ZOGGS safer, Neda el Món has modified the circuit of the said crossing and the start will not be in the open sea but between the bigger Meda and the smoller Meda, where the waters are calmer, especially while the swimmers wait for the moment of the start. You have all the info here

BE nedaddicte!



Be more swim addict than anyone. Presume of being an open water swimmer. Presume of being part of Neda el Món. BE NEDADDICTED !! Don't hesitate and wear our swim addict t-shirt. We already have them in our online store! You have a boy version t-shirt and a girl version t-shirt. You can see all the details of the product for boy here. And for a girl, here.

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