Don't forget your Snackíssimos



Snackissimo is a 100% all natural fruit snack. It's for athletes, as a snack between hours or to bring on your trips.

- gluten free

- no added sugar

- no preservatives or artificial colors

- low caloric intake

- fiber source

- Natural fruit concentrate

Each 18 gr bag of snackissimo is made with 126-132 gr of fruit (a mix of apples, pears and strawberries) from where water has been extracted and has rapidly concentrated. Acquiring the texture from the fruit pectin.

58 cal per bag from Strawberries and apples

59 cal per bag from pears

Each bag corresponds a one of five daily recommended

Do you need new goggles? Zoggs has the perfect ones for you!


Zoggs Neda el Món

Visit our online store and check out the new goggles that Zoggs has created for this season!

New models, colors, materials and features for an excellent performance both at sea and in the pool. UV protection, anti-fog treatment, 180 ° view ... Top technology made glasses so you can focus on enjoying the swim or do your best while training.

Some models have been created in a limited edition, so if you like them, do not think twice!

Muscle ramps and how to prevent them


Surely many of you suffer muscle ramps at some point during a swim or an intensive training. But do you know the reason why it happens to you?
During the sports practice, our muscles shrink and relax to be able to swim. At the time of contraction there is no problem, but ... what happens when the muscle relaxes? For the muscle to relax it needs electrolytes or minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium ... If you do not have enough of them to reach relaxation, the ramp occurs.
So the ramp is the inability of the muscle to reach muscle relaxation due to a lack of minerals or electrolytes in the blood ,either because we have not ingested enough of them or because we have made a sustained effort and we have consumed the reserve we had.
What if I have a ramp? What do I do? The easiest way to proceed is to strech muscles affected very carefully. Then apply massage and very soft stretches to fully recover.
And most importantly, how can I prevent it? With ingestion of minerals in the diet and isotonic drinks. If they still persist or do not improve with immediate stretching, it is important to see a doctor.

Noemí Prieto. El Quinto Meta.

Improve your workouts with the right training aids!


swimming training aids

Need some swimming fins for your workouts? Hand paddles, front tube, a pull buoy? You can find all these training aids in our online store!

Reviewed and tested personally by the Neda el Món Club coaches, this aids will allow you to improve your technical skills and make the most of the meters you swim in the swimming pool.

Check it out and remember that you'll get free shipping to the Peninsula for orders of 50 € or more (code YTBAT).

Free shipping to the Iberian Peninsula: use it!


Neda el Món online store

Shipping costs to the Iberian Peninsula are free on orders of 50 € or more on our online store, so take advantage of it!

Enter the code YTBAT and the 5 € shipping cost to the Iberian Peninsula will be discounted. If you live outside the Peninsula you can also enter this code and shipping costs will be reduced by that amount.

Buy for you or for who you want to surprise the pink drybag you have your heart stolen, a pair of swimrun Icebug shoes or brand new Zoggs goggles!

Tips for open water swimming


open water crossing tips
On Monday, July 17th, one of our swimming coaches, Marian Garcia Aguado "Bombom", provided some tips for open water swimming. Marian was a water polo from a young age, since she became an open water swimmer as a grown-up. Marian told us how to train open water swimming  from her own experience.
Marian tips' summarized:
1- Sensations. You train to swim in the sea, so you have to train at the sea, without leaving the pool.
2- Dry-land training. It is very important to combine swimming training with two or three weekly dry-land workouts. She recommends doing them before entering the water, but every person is a completely different world.
3- Technique. Train the technique to the pool. It will help you improve the body's position on the water and therefore slide more, and as a result you will go faster.
4- Feeding. Try the bars / gels / isotonic drinks during training to see if you tolerate them well. During the crossings is not time to try new things!
5- Loads. Quality above quantity! If you train for a 10K, for example, you do not need to add 20KM per week. What you should do instead is a load of 15KM or 16KM with dry-land sessions. You do not have to go crazy with the loads!
If you want to come a day to train with us, you can see the schedule here.
In September the club activities will be resumed! We are waiting for you!

Do you want to know how the Neda El Món safety dry bag works?


Neda el Món Dry Bag

Do you want to know how the Neda El Món safety dry bag for open water swimmers work? Do not miss this video!

The dry bag serves four important functions without hindering your performance or stroke:

  • It makes you visible to boaters, jet skis, kite boarders or other potential human hazards while you are swimming.
  • It can be used as a floatation device when you need it in the case of cramps, dizziness or injury.
  • It can be used to rescue others
  • It can keep your stuff safe while your swimming or allows you to take along your stuff on one-way swims across the sea, rivers or lakes. 

And remember that it is available in two sizes and three colours (orange, yellow and pink) on our online store:

  • 64 x 30 cm: 31.00 €
  • 60 x 26 cm: 26.00 €

Safe Sea, special sunscreen for jellyfish stings


Safe Sea

Safety is a basic tenet in Neda el Món, that is why we have decided to add the Safe Sea cream to our online store. Safe Sea contains unique and patented ingredients that protect against jellyfish stings in several ways:

  • Its slippery texture makes it difficult for the stinging tentacles to get a grip.
  • Chemical (stoppers) in the lotion block up the sites where the stinging process is activated. 
  • Other inhibitors (stoppers) block the chemical pathway. 
  • Chemical stoppers reduce pressure in the stinging cells, preventing the jellyfish from firing its stings.

Safe Sea prevents the stimulation of jellyfish tentacles after contact with the human skin. 

Other features:

  • UVB / UVA Protection. Safe Sea contains physical, chemical and biological filters which reduce the effects of solar radiation on the skin.
  • Very water resistant. Clinical trials have proven that Safe Sea is very water resistant, enduring up to 80 minutes of aquatic activities. In case of minimum contact with water, Safe Sea's protection is prolonged.
  • Preservative-free. Safe Sea’s formula is sterile, so there’s no need for toxic preservatives such as parabens.
  • Water-in-Oil emulsion. Safe Sea’s Water-in-Oil emulsion gives the skin an excellent feel and keeps it hydrated.
  • Contains vitamins B and E. Vitamins B and E, which are present in Safe Sea, are important antioxidants for the human body.
  • With Bioplasma, GAG and Glycoproteins. Safe Sea’s formula contains Bioplasma-FA, the plankton extract with patented sting inhibitors. Together with GAG and glycoproteins, they improve the skin’s hydration and have anti-aging and anti-stress properties.

Available in two different formats in our online store.

Participate in the 4x800 relays with three friends!



Come to Estartit with your friends and enjoy swimming more than ever! Neda el Món has prepared an open water festival, the weekend of the traditional Neda el Món Medes Islands TV3 Marathon crossing. You will be able to enjoy open water swimming in a marvellous surrounding and with good company. It will be a relay race. You will have to swim 800 m four times. Ask 3 friends to come with you, form a team and pay only 19€ per team HERE.

Participation in this race does not prevent any swimmer from participating in the other crossings. 

Once you have registered, please send a mail to, stating the name of your team and the names of the other 3 team members.


Swims for the brave!



There are tons of crazy athletes out there, but the swims of some swimmers are quite terrifying, not just because of the distance traveled and the hours (or days!) that have spent swimming, but because of the deadly dangers of the areas where they swim. From sharks to the dreaded Portuguese caravel, not to mention piranhas, crocodiles and the bacteria you can find around Manhattan Island in New York. And let’s not forget about hypothermia, vomiting and dizziness...

Here's an article by Red Bull about epic girls!

At Neda El Món, for the time being, we will keep swimming in throughout the Catalan and Spanish coast...!

Find us in STRAVA: Club Esportiu Neda El Món



All swimmers who are members of our club and have a STRAVA account you can now connect with the Club Esportiu Neda El Món and share your training sessions, swimming routes and more with all of us. The only thing you have to do is visiting this LINK and ask for your membership in our online community. 

With this app you can start conversations and discussions with other club members, plan swims and meetings, share training routes and from the club we will let you know all the activities that we are planning for all of you. 

Join us in our online community! 


Training for long distance crossings


training long distance medes

Trainning for a long distance open water swim (that is crossings of more than 10 kilometers) involves a great deal of physical and mental preparation. The crossings of the Straits of Gibraltar, for example, or the Medes-Formigues, require careful planning at a physical level (yardage, compensatory exercises, rest, acclimatization to water ...) but also at a mental level (if the brain disconnects, the muscles will fall apart, too).  

For this reason, when we organize "marathon" swims, we prepare our swimmers and provide them with online and face-to-face training to track their performance and advise them on how to improve aspects that worry them. For both the 22KM crossing, Medes-Formigues, and the crossing of the Straits of Gibraltar (16KM), we have a specific training program for the swimmers involved so that they achieve their goals. In fact, most swimmers who participate in these two crossings with us finish them successfully.  

This Saturday, July 8th, the groups that participate in the swims mentioned above will participate in the 16KM training that unites El Masnou and Badalona. So from here we wish them ALL THE BEST!  


MEDES: Free registration for the little swimmers!



Before we start talking about how to make your son or daughter fall in love with open water swimming we must clarity that the main goal of participating in such events should be having fun! In all of our crossings we include a Kids Open Water Crossing so that from an early age they learn to love the sea and find enjoyment in swimming in an open water environment. 

In that regards, the Medes Junior  is the kids version of the non-competive Neda El Món crossings. It is a leisure and free activity set up to promote open waters from a young age. In this year's event, every kid will be able to register for one of the crossings of 50m, 100m and 200m. And as it happened in Swim Barcelona, if parents want to join their kids while they swim, they can do so. 

Please, feel free to can register the little swimmers here

Neck protection for wetsuits



Experts in the chemical sector and dermatological lovers of this sport, have come together to create this fantastic product.

Manufactured with elastic material and vaseline to create a protective layer between the skin and suit. It separates the movement of the neck from the wetsuit, totally reducing the risk of skin injuries. Designed with a flap-shaped extension to extend protection to the wetsuit zip fastening area.

Suitable for use with vaseline
With a density lower than that of water (it floats), it does not affect the swimmer’s buoyancy
Elastic and easy to put on. (Triathlon: In a race, it can be removed as fast as a swimming cap or goggles)
Washable and reusable
It is sold with a plastic container for storage and transport

Check all details on our online store!

Neda el Món safety dry bag, now in pink!


Boia Neda el Món

What about adding some pink to your open water swims and workouts?

Now you can get the Neda el Món safety dry bag also in pink! Available in two sizes and with the same advantages that the orange one:

  • It makes you visible to boaters, jet skis, kite boarders or other potential human hazards while you are swimming.
  • It can be used as a floatation device when you need it in the case of cramps, dizziness or injury.
  • It can be used to rescue others
  • It can keep your stuff safe while your swimming or allows you to take along your stuff on one-way swims across the sea, rivers or lakes.

Visit our online store and choose your size. It is available in 64x30 cm and 60x26 cm. And also in yellow!

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