Neda el Món season starts!!



2013 Neda el Món season is here! On April 28th, we are going to swim the lovely 3rd Prades Siurana, and on May 19th, the 3rd round to Sa Dragonera isle (Mallorca), spectacular as always. We worked hard this winter to offer the best events and the best services to the swimmers, improving our Clinics and our Online Store, with the new and cheaper Mako wetsuits, our Neda el Món swimsuits and our Neda el Món buoy. Only three weeks to swim again!

The Neda el Món Club is now a reality


Club NeM

The Neda el Món Club is here Directed and coordinated by our technician Jonathan Gomez, the Neda el Món club offers for only 35 € a month a different training group, with the style and philosophy of Neda el Món, and a number of advantages that you can not miss.

If you want to find out those advanteges, do not miss the description here. And if you join before the end of the month, you will get March for free. Cheers and workouts with Neda the Món!

New and different Clínic at CN Badalona



Our first proposal for 2013 is, as usual, the Open Water Clinic that this year we are holding again at CN Badalona on March 9. We offer a new type of clinic, all day long, with lunch included, and where we can learn and experience those additional techniques that complement open water swimming: nutrition, yoga and TRX.

Moreover, as we do, we can enjoy the wisdom of our coach and crack Jonathan Gomez, who will direct the theoretical and practical techniques of front crawl in open water. And all this at CN Badalona, where last year we enjoyed a spectacular Clinic. Check all the information here.

A useful Christmas present



A useful Christmas present: if you are looking for useful ideas, have a look at our online shop: buoys, swimsuits, wetsuits...
Another options could be the Neda el Món Pack 2013, which allows you to participate in all the World Calendar 2013 Neda el Món passages, saving up €60.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a 2013 full of Neda el Món swimming!

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