Partial success in the Strait of Gibraltar



There is still work to be done! Only 3 of the 6 groups who had prepared to cross from Europe to Africa had the opportunity to swim. The bad weather conditions (winds, currents, fog and storms) did not allow to have 6 good days among the 17 days that Neda el Món had a window in the Strait. Nada el Món and ACNEG (the association that manages the crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar) have reached an agreement to have a second window between 16 and 25 October 2022. This will now be the opportunity for the remaining groups!

In the meantime, we want to congratulate François Peyrot (FRA), Paulo Torres (POR), Rafa Fernández (ESP), Joaquín Gambin (ESP), Tomás Morales (ESP), Marie-Pierre Clain (FRA), Pep Llobet (ESP), Sean Michael (USA), Alberto Ambrosi (ITA) and Tsanko Tsankov (BUL), the first Bulgarian to cross from Europe to Africa. Congratulations swim addicts!

New SwimHolidays product by Neda el Món: Split!



A new version of the Croatia Swim Holidays!!! This time we will go to the three most beautiful towns of Croatia: Split, Trogir and Sibenik. And, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular sceneries of islands as Sveta, Fumija, Drvenic Mali and Slatine. While you do what you most like: swimming!! And you can choose the distances, adapted to all swim levels. The experience of your life!

All detailed information here.

2023 Neda el Món calendar already defined



Here you have the 2023 Neda el Món calendar. With more enthusiasm than ever and with the support as always of ZOGGS and HEAD, next season we will have again Medes, SwimHolidays Dubrovnik, Gibraltar, Bonifacio and Cap de Creus... And now, after the success of Dubrovnik, we added in our products SwimHolidays Split. Many events that you can check here.

Looking forward to seeing you again in 2023! Next season, more and better!


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