New Sailfish Swimrun Light wetsuit


Sailfish Swimrun Light

Sailfish launches a new wetsuit ideal for swimrun competitions held in our country, with warmer temperatures than in the events held in Central and Northern Europe.

With a 1.5 to 2 mm thickness, it's been specially designed to be lightweight and comfortable on the running segments, where the thicker swimrun wetsuits can hinder your performance by excessive heat and less freedom of movement.

It is made of an innovative breathable neoprene material combined with woven textiles. It also has a front zipper with an emergency whistle included, adjustable neck, two interior pockets and one exterior pocket.

It is not yet on sale, but you can book it now in our online store. The price is 199 €.

Neck protection for wetsuits



Experts in the chemical sector and dermatological lovers of this sport, have come together to create this fantastic product.

Manufactured with elastic material and vaseline to create a protective layer between the skin and suit. It separates the movement of the neck from the wetsuit, totally reducing the risk of skin injuries. Designed with a flap-shaped extension to extend protection to the wetsuit zip fastening area.

Suitable for use with vaseline
With a density lower than that of water (it floats), it does not affect the swimmer’s buoyancy
Elastic and easy to put on. (Triathlon: In a race, it can be removed as fast as a swimming cap or goggles)
Washable and reusable
It is sold with a plastic container for storage and transport

Check all details on our online store!

New Ishof buoy with a cell phone pouch


Boia aigües obertes

Want to take a selfie offshore, send a WhatsApp, make a call or control the GPS application? It is now possible with the new buoy with a cell phone pouch!

You can put your cell phone inside of all our buoys without any risk, but with this one you can also interact with the touchscreen.

And all this with the same security and visibility benefits than the other models!

Check all details on our online store!

Last chance to register!


medes marato tv3 eng

Swimming around the Medes Islands is spectacular. Every year Neda el Món organises a challenging crossing in a spectacular surrounding, the protected area of the Medes Islands. Since 2011 the crossing starts at the small Estartit beach, we swim between the big and the small Meda Island and finish again at the small Estartit beach.

Altogether 5,200m, there is also a shorter version of 3,400m and another for new swim addicts, the swim baptism, a 1,700m-swim, ideal to be released and to be accompanied by an expert swim addict.

The swims will be held November the 4th, but if the weather won't be enough good, the swims will be on November the 5th So, swimmers need to block the whole weekend.

Everything what you need to practise Swimrun



You can find HERE everything what today needs to Swimrun!


Sailfish wetsuits, Zoggs glasses, Icebug trail shoes, Compressport accessories and Nu Complements, Ishof buoys... the best brands to practise swimrun with safety, comfort and design.



Have your Yellow Chip for your athletics events!



The yellow chip has three main advantages: forget queues, make online registrations to different events and join the ChampionChip Internet League.

You can buy it when registering to a Neda el Món event and it'll be delivered on the day of the event, or via our online store to use in any event. In that case we will send it to your home/office. That way you'll avoid having to rent white chips, which are disposable, and queue to pick them up the day before.

The yellow chip is personal: you can subscribe to the event via internet with the code associated to the device. It does not expire, does not need any reload, and unlike other timing systems, it generates no waste.

You can also check your results online, your history of past events and personal brands, as well as participate in the ChampionChip Internet League.

The Compressport® Chipband is the perfect solution for securing your timing chip.

Made of neoprene and a velcro closure, comfort is assured as the strap prevents any chafing.

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