Registrations are open for the 6th Neda el Món Sa Dragonera swim!


Neda el Món Sa Dragonera

May 22nd: save the date in the calendar because the 6th edition of the Neda el Món Sa Dragonera swim will be held that day! An emblematic event in the Neda el Món calendar, and one of the favourites for our swim addicts! 

With two distances, 9.5 K and 3.2 K, both in a competitive and a non-competitive version, it is a truly amazing swim where you will enjoy the crystal clear waters of this island of Majorca.

Are you up for it? All the details on this link!

Gear up with the Neda el Món packs!



Do you need to add some stuff to your open water gear? 

Check out the six packs we have created for you in our online store and choose the one/s you like the most?


Sport psychology to achieve your open water swimming goals


Sport psychology

Swim and do an open water crossing is an extraordinary experience, both at physical and sensory level and therefore our mind plays an important role.

At Neda el Món we want you to continue enjoying the experience, those who already had it, and we would like to accompany and help those who will do a first one. So we put at your disposal sport psychology services through Ernest Torras (associated 18103).

The sport psychology can help you improve your performance with the implementation of a series of tools that will be useful however to increase your self-knowledge. The mental part is increasingly important to achieve your goals.

Check all the information about this new Neda el Món service on our website. The first visit is free!

1st Neda el Món Swimrun Barcelona!


Swimrun Barcelona

We are beyond happy to announce a fantastic addition to our calendar for this 2016: the 1st Neda el Món Swimrun Barcelona Coast! 

The Swimrun is a trial for a team of two people in which multiple running tracks are combined with multiple open water swimming sections, one after the other without interruptions. In the Northern countries, Swimrun has become very popular since 2005, and Neda el Món is going to be the first to organise one in the South of Europe, more precisely in Barcelona!

The Neda el Món Swimrun Barcelona (Cabrera de Mar-Castell de Buriac-Pont del Petroli) will give its participants the challenge to outperform themselves, running and swimming near one of the most beautiful cities: Barcelona. The race will take place at the Catalan capital’s coast, with two different starts, one in Cabrera de Mar and the other in Premià de Mar, and the finish will be in Badalona. The first race will go along the fabulous Castell de Buriac, in Cabrera de Mar.

Team up and join the adventure!

It will take place on November 20 and you'll be able to choose amongst 3 distances: 32.830 m - 21.470 m - 11.910 m.

All details on this link!

Photo: Orca image bank.

Swim Holidays in Sardinia with Neda el Món!



Do you feel like doing a short  trip this June? Neda el Món suggests 3 days on board a boat to enjoy the spectacular turquoise waters of the italian island of Sardinia. The perfect combination of vacation and open water, an unforgettable experience!

The pack includes 3-day trip from Barcelona, transfers to Olbia (Sardinia), accommodation for 3 nights and all meals except dinners. And of course lots swim addiction!

You will swim around three spectacular islands:

  • Isola Soffi: 3.2 km
  • Isola Santa Maria: 6.7 km
  • Isola Spargi: 8.3 km

And all aboard a spectacular yacht in Sardinia, that besides monitoring the crossings, will be your accommodation during the 3 nights. Read all the details on this link and join us for this unique experience with Neda el Món!

2016 Swim Addict Pack: 3 swims of your choice!


Swim Addict Pack

Did you take a look at the 2016 Swim the World calendar and you know for sure you'll be swimming at least 3 of the swims we are holding? Then get your Swim Addict Pack for only 120 € and save up to 50 €!

You'll be able to pick 3 amongst the following swims:

  • 6th Neda el Món Prades Siurana 
  • 6th Neda el Món Sa Dragonera 
  • 6th Neda el Món Zoggs SwimBarcelona
  • 2nd Neda el Món Leucate La Franqui
  • 7th Neda el Món Zoggs Illes Medes Marató TV3
  • 3nd Neda el Món SwimBarcelona San Silvestre

Get your pack now!

Sport nutrition with Neda el Món


Neda el Món

Neda el Món wants to take care of your health and your efficiency. That is why we offer a sports nutrition service.

The sports nutrition is an important part of the invisible training. Trough a correct nutrition program you will have the necessary nutrients at any moment in order to optimize your efficiency, which will help you to reach your sports challenges.

The specific and personalised nutrition programs are adapted to the different stages of the training and the open water season (keeping in form, training, before the challenge as well as during the crossings and the recovering afterwards).

Which benefits does the Neda el Món nutrition program provide?

  • Get healthful nutrition habits
  • Improve your efficiency during the competition
  • Avoid health problems and injuries
  • Improve your immunological condition
  • Avoid nutrition mistakes
  • Use the adequate supplements in relation to the training phase

Check on our website the different nutrition programs you can sign in to.

II Neda el Món Open Waters League 2016!


Lliga Neda el Món

Swim addicts! Get ready for the II Neda el Món Open Waters League 2016, a competition that gathers 4 competitive swims of the Neda el Món calendar:

  • 6th Neda el Món Sa Dragonera
  • 6th Neda el Món Prades Siurana
  • 6th Neda el Món Zoggs SwimBarcelona
  • 7th Neda el Món Zoggs Medes Islands Marató TV3

The classification will be established through a system of points. You will find all details and 2015's classification in this link.

The top three swimmers in both male and female categories will receive a free registration to the III Neda el Món Open Waters League 2017; and the winners will receive also a free registration to the Neda el Món Formigues Islands Medes Islands swim.

Prizes will be delivered during the 3rd Neda el Món SwimBarcelona Saint Sylvester, held on 18 December 2016.

Welcome to the II Neda el Món Open Waters League 2016!

May 1st: 6th Neda el Món Prades Siurana swim!


Neda el Món Prades Siurana

Swim addicts! Registrations are opened for the 6th Neda el Món Prades Siurana swim and those who like to plan ahead have already signed up! The Siurana Lake has something that makes you repeat.

It will be on May 1 and you'll be able to choose between three distances: 3,000 m, 6,000 m and 9,000 m, with competitive and non-competitive category.

The Neda el Món Prades Siurana is a fresh water swim in a unique environment that never ceases to amaze newcomers and veterans. You have to live it! It’s also an ideal event to bring your friends and relatives and enjoy the weekend.

The Siurana Lake is surrounded by spectacular sceneries of the Montsant Range. It’s near Prades, a wine land, olive oil land and hazelnut bushes.

More information and registrations on this link!

Improve your open water swimming technique with the Neda el Món Club


Club Neda el Món

Making some good resolutions for this year that has just started?

If improving your swimming technique and enjoying even more the open water swims are some of them, join the Neda El Món Club!

With group sessions at the Bernat Picornell Swimming Pools, 20% discounts on the Crossings and Clinics of our calendar, group outings to swim on the sea and many other advantages.

Read all the details and schedule at this link or send us and e-mail to for any question you may have.


Neda el Món organizes the swim of your dreams


Travessies a mida

Have you ever stopped to think if there is any place in the world where you would like to swim and have not done it yet?

Think about it, there are amazing places where you can swim ... Now think again bearing in mind that Neda el Món can organize the swim of your dreams! Whether close to home or around the world, we put all our experience at your disposal to make your most wished swim come true.

Just send us an email to and soon we will contact you to design the event and make you a custom-made budget, either for yourself or for a closed group of swim addicts.

Make your dream come true, and Swim the World!

Grab your yellow chip in our online store


Yellow chip

The yellow chip has three main advantages: forget queues, make online registrations to different events and join the ChampionChip Internet League.

You can buy it when registering to a Neda el Món event and it'll be delivered on the day of the event, or via our online store to use in any event. In that case we will send it to your home/office. That way you'll avoid having to rent white chips, which are disposable, and queue to pick them up the day before.

The yellow chip is personal: you can subscribe to the event via internet with the code associated to the device. It does not expire, does not need any reload, and unlike other timing systems, it generates no waste.

You can also check your results online, your history of past events and personal brands, as well as participate in the ChampionChip Internet League.

Grab yours in our online store by clicking here! You'll be able to choose between:

  • Yellow chip:18 €
  • Compressport chip carrier: 8 €
  • Yellow chip + Compressport chip carrier: 24 €

March 11, 12 and 13, 3rd edition of the Neda el Món Training Camp


Training Camp Neda el Món

March 11, 12 and 13 in Calella, 195 € all included.

The third edition of the Neda el Món Training Camp is just around the corner! 3 days at the Crol Centre of Calella (Barcelona), with open water swimming sessions as well as sessions at the swimming pool. There will also be other contents aimed to improve your knowledge and performance: mental preparation, a presentation of Sailfish wetsuits, nutrition, recovering, stretching, dry land training, ...

Coordinated by the Neda el Món Club technical staff. With accomodation in a double room and all meals included for only 195 €!


  • Two nights’ stay in a double room at the St. Jordi Hotel, at the centre of Calella, at just one minute walk of the Crol Centre of Calella.
  • Full board at the St. Jordi Hotel from Friday evening till Sunday midday.
  • A gift pack with a Neda el Món swim caps and T-shirt.

Find more information on this link!.

15 % discount on your Sailfish Edge


Sailfish Edge

Get now your Sailfish Edge wetsuit with a 15 % discount in by entering the code EDGE15!

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