Day 3. The day before


straits gibraltar neda el mon

Tomorrow is the big day.

Levante gives way to Poniente after a few days of strong winds that have prevented us from crossing the Strait. On Monday we have a phenomenal window to try two crosses in a row. The first group is made up of Maria, Hugo, Óscar and Greg. When they are finished, Group 2, made up of Luis, Daniel, Serge and Karl. Two departures in a day coordinated together with ACNEG, the only association recognized to cross the Strait.

Yesterday and today have been resting days… Easy swims and talks about the final details, like how to organize the feedings so as not to waste time - swimmers only have 1 minute to feed, since the currents drag them away from the track-.

If everything goes well, eight swimmers will cross tomorrow. There still might be some degree of uncertainty about the weather, but plenty of confidence that the work done by all these swimmers tomorrow will see its fruits. 

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Maria Rossell Pujol
03/09/2017 19:03:05
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