Rhodes (Europe) to Marmaris (Asia)

We keep on conquering the World, we keep on swimming the World! Do you want to swim from Europe to Asia, from Greece to Turkey? Then Rhodes - Marmaris challenge is your next goal. 17km right on the border of the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea with an exceptionally spectacular start and finish.

And as with the Strait of Gibraltar, Neda el Món offers the swimmer all its knowledge about the great crossings in open water and takes care of everything: advising the swimmer, planning the training 6 months before the challenge, monitoring these trainings, including one session per month face to face in Barcelona, and all the logistics and operationals during the week of the event in Rhodes (Greece).

The total cost is 1,180€ and the Rhodes - Marmaris guarantees a place to cross the Strait of Gibraltar the following year.


Rhodes Marmaris 17k West currents

Rhodes Marmaris 18k East currents

Challenge methodology

Among the 24 swimmers registered for the challenge, Neda el Món will make, based on their speeds and their fitness during the face-to-face trainings in Barcelona, 6 groups of 4 swimmers with the same swimming level and who will swim together during the challenge. Exactly the same methodology Neda el Món use to make the groups to cross the Strait of Gibraltar.

What day will we cross?

Swimmers must be in Rhodes (Greece) from the 5th to 9th October. The first available day to swim will be October the 6th. Neda el Món will decide based on the forecast of wind, waves and currents which day of the week you will try to reach the challenge. If the challenge has not been met on October 9, it will be evaluated the following days, so it is recommended to leave the return ticket open.


On the day of the crossing, the swimmers will all be embarked in the port of Rhodes (Greece), just one hour before the start of the challenge.

Direction and starting point

The crossing will normally be direction Marmaris - Rhodes, therefore Asia to Europe, and the starting point in Marmaris will depend on the current of the day of the crossing, which will be verified by the team of Neda el Món just halfway the transfer of swimmers by boat to Turkey. If the currents come from the East, the starting point will be on the East coast of Marmaris . If the currents come from the West, the starting point will be on the west coast of Marmaris.

Services Neda el Món

Neda el Món will provide logistical and technical support before, during and after the crossing. The services included are:

  • Crossing fee
  • An information session on the logistics of the crossing in Barcelona (compulsory)
  • 4 additional group and sea training sessions during the previous months (one of them compulsory)
  • Planning weekly pool traings for the swimmer at home for 18 weeks
  • Face-to-face training sessions during the week of the crossing
  • Swimcap and commemorative t-shirt
  • Discounts in our online store.

Nutrition service

A good nutrition plan is key to achieving all the goals we have. The nutritional needs of each person are specific and our genetic predispositions indicate how the body uses each nutrient. We can study in detail the scientific relationship between your diet, your lifestyle habits and your goals, identifying the nutrients you need in relation to your goals and dietary preferences. Send an email to and we'll help you transform your nutritional habits and achieve your health goals.

Training camps schedule in Barcelona

  • April 13th-14th: information session and initial test
  • June 1st-2nd: Pool and sea group training
  • July 13th-14th: Pool and sea group training
  • September 15th: Pool and sea group training

Complementary activities during the week

  • Visits to the Acropylls of Lindos and Rhodes
  • Tour by boat around the island of Symi (Greece)
  • Visit by boat to the city of Marmaris (Turkey)
  • Visit to the medieval city of Rhodes, with the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes
  • Visit to the valley of the Butterflies (Petaloudes) and the 7 water springs (Epta Piges)
  • Visit to the Nysiros volcano
  • Visit to the beaches of San Pablo, Anthonny Quinn, Tsambika and Afandou

Historical ranking of Rhodes (Europe) - Marmaris (Asia) by Neda el Món & ZOGGS

You can check the historical ranking of the challenge until today here.

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