SwimHolidays Rhodes Greece

New and spectacular Neda el Món activity in the Aegean Sea!! Holidays and open water... Swim the World Holidays!! If you sign up for this activity you will be able to enjoy the spectacular landscapes of the island of Rhodes and the little islands around it, in Greece, while doing what you love most: swimming!! Swim in Kallithea, swim in front of the famous city of Lindos or swim in the spectacular island of Symi. The swimming experience of your life!

The SwimHolidays Rhodes Greece package costs €1,350 per person and includes travels, all internal transfers to the island of Rhodes, accommodation for 3 nights and all operations at sea during the crossings.


Day 1 - Guided tour Old Rhodes

Day 2 - Swim Pantanisos - Stage 1 (0.6km)

Day 2 - Swim Lindos - Stage 2 (2.5km)

Day 2 - Free tour Old Lindos

Day 3 - Swim Koloundros - Stage 1 (1.7km)

Day 3 - Swim Symi - Stage 2 (3.3km)

Day 3 - Symi visit

Day 4 - Swim Kallithea Springs - Stage 1 (2.2km)

Day 4 - Swim Anthony Queen - Stage 2 (2.9km)

Day 4 - Visit Butterfly Valley


  • Day 1, afternoon. Guided tour of the Old Town of Rhodes.
  • Day 2, morning. Swims around the island of Pantanisos and around the wonderful city of Lindos, with a choice of distances.
  • Day 2, afternoon. Free visit to the Old Town of Lindos. The guided tour is optional.
  • Day 3, morning. Swims in Symi, starting around the neighboring island of Koloundros and ending up skirting Symi from Saint George bay to Navou, also passing by the spectacular Sabina beach.
  • Day 3, afternoon. Visit to the city of Symi, where we can see the Monastery of Panormitis and its beautiful and colorful neoclassical houses.
  • Day 4, morning. Swims in Kallithea Springs and Anthony Queen bay, with distances to choose from. During the journey the springs of Kallithea are visited.
  • Day 4, afternoon. Visit to the Butterfly Valley.


  • Flights to Rhodes, Greece. By plane, from Barcelona. The first leg will be on Thursday, June 27, and the return leg will be on Sunday, June 30. If leaving from Barcelona is not your best option, Neda el Món will consider leaving from other points. The trips are organized by the agency VIATGI.
  • Transfers in Neda el Món cars. From and to Rhodes Airport, accommodation, Lindos and other places to visit.
  • Accommodation in apartments, the nights of June 27 to 30, in the city of Rhodes. The rooms will be double or triple.
  • Meals. Not included in the price.
  • Crossings. 3 crossings will be organized, to Kallithea, to Lindos and to the island of Symi. Motorboats and kayaks will be available to support the swimmers.
  • Medical service:  The motor boat will dispose of the necessary medical service in case a swimmer might need it.
  • Relatives. The program of the relatives will be adapted according to their preferences (follow-up by boat, by car, visits to beaches ...).
  • Insurance: All swimmers will have a Liability Insurance and an insurance against accidents.

Note: Acceptance of entries will be subject to a minimum number of entries (8). If the minimum number of registrations is not reached, 100% of the amount will be refunded.

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