Swim Holidays Split

A new version of the Croatia Swim Holidays!!! This time we will go to the three most beautiful towns of Croatia: Split, Trogir and Sibenik. And, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular sceneries of islands as Sveta, Fumija, Drvenic Mali and Slatine. While you do what you most like: swimming!! And you can choose the distances, adapted to all swim levels. The experience of your life!

The SwimHolidays Split pack is limited to 8 people and costs €1325 per swimmer and €1300 for companions until December 1, 2022. If you want to pay in installments, you can request it at It includes the flight from Barcelona (or other airports), transfers from the airport, the several visits, and three nights’ accommodation in Split.


Day 1 - Free tour Old Trogir

Day 2 - Swim Krknjas Veli - Stage 1 (1.4km)

Day 2 - Blue Lagoon visit

Day 2 - Swim Drvenik Veli - Stage 2 (2km, optional)

Day 2 - Sunset in Split

Day 3- Swim Sveta Fumija - Stage 1 (2.7km)

Day 3- Swim Kraljevac - Stage 2 (1.4km, optional)

Day 3- Sibenik by night

Day 4 - Natural Blue Beach visit

Day 4 - Swim Slatine - Stage 1 (2.8km)

Day 4 - Uvala Jezinac Beach visit

Day 4 - Split by the sea - Stage 2 (1.2km, optional)


  • First day, afternoon. First day, afternoon. Visit of the Gradska Beach, and afterwards free visit of the Trogir Old Town
  • Second day, morning. Crossings to the Otok Krknjas and Otok Dvrenik Islands, swimmers can choose the distance. Before the crossing we will visit the spectacular Blue Lagoon.
  • Second day, afternoon. Free visit of the Old Town of Split and dinner while we enjoy the Split sunset.
  • Third day, morning. Crossings to the Sveta Fumija and Otocic Kraljevac Islands, swimmers can choose the distance.
  • Third day, afternoon. Transfer to Sibenik and visit of Sibenik by night.
  • Fourth day, morning. Crossings to Slatine and Split, enjoying the view of the town from the sea, swimmers can choose the distance. Before the crossing we will visit the Natural Blue Beach


  • Flight to Split, Croatia. Departing from Barcelona. We will leave on June 10th, and come back on June 13th. If leaving from Barcelona airport doesn’t suit you, Neda el Món will consider the possibility of choosing other options. The journeys are organised by the VIATGI agency.
  • Transfers with Neda el Món cars. From the Split airport to the towns we visit: Trogir, Split and Sibenik.
  • Accommodation. From June 10th to June 13th, in Split. We will have double or triples rooms.
  • Crossings. Three crossings will be organised, in different phases, and the lengths will be adapted to the level of each swimmer. There will be a motorboat and kayaks to assist the swimmers.
  • Medical Service. The motorboat will have all medical services the swimmers might need during the crossings.
  • Accompanying people. The program for the accompanying people will be adapted to their preferences (they can follow the swimmers by boat, by car, they can visit beaches…).
  • Insurance. All swimmers and their companions will have a civil liability insurance and a casualty insurance.

Please note: Registrations will be accepted only if there are minimum 6 people. In case there are less registrations, 100% of the amount will be returned.

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