20k Maresme Swim by Head

Neda el Món and SwimEmotions are back!!

Neda el Món, together with its technical partner SwimEmotions, has decided to organize a small swimming event that will take place the next 9th of October: a 20K swim, from Arenys de Mar to Malgrat de Mar.

The configuration of the swim will be the same we use for the Gibraltar Strait crossing. We will establish several speed groups and each group will be accompanied and guided by a support boat. We will create 3 groups of 15 swimmers, with 2 boats for each group. Swimmers will be place in one of the following three groups, depending on their speed: 3k/h, 3,5k/h or 4k/h.


Travessia de 20k

Meeting time will be at 6:30am at the Nautical Base of Arenys de Mar. We are going to start the technical briefing at 7am and the start of the swim will be at 7:30am.

Regarding the feeding points, we will be stopping every 45 minutes and take a 1-minute break to eat or drink something. Every swimmer will have its feeding at the boat, together with a small bag with personal items.

In case the weather forecast is not good enough on Saturday, 9th of October, we are going to swim the following day, Sunday 10th October. So, please, make your booking in Barcelona accordingly.

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