Sa Dragonera

Swimming around an island: a spectacular challenge! From the Mallorca coast, full of light and life, to the dark side of the Cap de Llebeig where the Mediterranean Sea reveals its strength. It’s a long, dark crossing, fringing dizzying cliffs and impressive depths. The breathing of the kayakists and the people following in the boats shows us the light. After surrounding The Cap de Tramontana the sea is shallow again and we‘ll get closer to the Port de Sa Dragonera, where we will have started this 9,500m crossing.

From 2017, this swim is organized by level groups. The registration fee is € 225. You must get registered in the group that swims at your usual open sea speed: 2,8km/h, 3km/h, 3,2km/h or 3,4km/h.

If you choose the PREMIUM version of the event, you will have a kayak available only for you, which means you won’t have to adapt to the rhythm of any group.


Long route 9.500 m

Neda el Món Sailfish Sa Dragonera video 2014

Training planning

If you sign up before 15th February 2017, you will benefit from a free training planning: the same planning Neda el Món is organising for the swimmers who are getting prepared for the Straits of Gibraltar crossing. This planning consists of online training as well as real training, including  a pool test session in Barcelona March the 18th, and four open sea trainings during this year, also in Barcelona.

Description of the event

  • The meeting point will be in Sant Elm beach.
  • There will be 6 groups of six swimmers each.
  • All the groups will part at the same time from the Port of Dragonera.
  • Every group of six swimmers will have a motorboat or kayak following them during the whole passage.
  • All swimmers must keep the speed of the group he/she was registered in.
  • Each swimmer will be responsible for his/her food and drink supplies, which will be given every 45 minutes by a Neda el Món technician who follows the group in the motorboat.
  • There will be one boat responsible for the passage coordination, as well as another one (not assigned to any group) with medical assistance for whoever may need it.
  • Neda el Món will organise and coordinate a cloakroom service.
  • All swimmers as well as all the volunteers will have a liability insurance and an insurance against accidents.
  • A bathing cap mentioning the event will be issued to all swimmers who are obliged to wear it during the event.
  • For only € 20 adults and € 10 children (under 12 years), you can enjoy the 6th Swim Around Sa Dragonera from a boat that the organization provides and that will also sail around the spectacular island. The boat will depart from the beach of Sant Elm and will follow the swimmers once they have already left from the port of Sa Dragonera. The boats will return to the port before the first swimmer arrives, so everyone can see the arrival of all swimmers. Please click here for booking.

Weather conditions

If the event, due to bad weather conditions, could not take place on June 17th, Neda el Món will reschedule it on June 18th. So all swimmers must be aware that the event might take place any of these days, and should obviously lock their agendas the two days.

Safety Buoy

In order to improve the swimmers’ safety during the crossing, the use of a buoy like the ISHOF Neda el Món buoy will be compulsory. This buoy makes the swimmers more visible, and, in addition, it allows them to hold on to it in case they are tired or injured, without altering the swimmers efficiency. The organisation will provide safety buoys for free to those swimmers who still have not the ISHOF Neda el Món. If you want to buy it in advance, click here for more information.

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