Neda el Món SwimBarcelona San Silvestre

Guess how real swim addicts end the year … swimming in the open sea of course! Have a look at Neda el Món’s challenging proposal: a 1,5km crossing or a 2,5km! Or both! In Barcelona! The San Silvestre swim addict! Finish the year the best possible way: swimming in the Barcelona Sea with Neda el Món!


Sant Silvestre 1,5 km

Sant Silvestre 2,5 km

Safety buoy

In order to improve the swimmer’s security, the use of an ISHOF Neda el Món safety buoy is recommended.  This buoy makes swimmers more “visible”, and, in case a swimmer gets injured or very tired, he or she can cling to it, without affecting at all the swim effectiveness. For more information click here.


  • Insurance. All swimmers and all volunteers will have a liability insurance and an insurance against accidents.
  • Cloakroom service. There will be a cloakroom service at the arrival zone.
  • Food and drink supplies. During the event and after the event the organisation will provide food and drink supplies at the stipulated places.
  • Physiotherapy. On arrival a physiotherapy service will be offered by a team of professionals from El Quinto Meta.
  • Security / Medical service. In first place the kayaks will provide security. In case anybody needs to be evacuated, pneumatic boats are available. In addition there will be a medically equipped boat and an ambulance at the arrival.
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