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Swimming around the Medes Islands is spectacular. Every year Neda el Món organises a challenging crossing in a spectacular surrounding, the protected area of the Medes Islands. Since 2011 the crossing starts at the small Estartit beach, we swim between the big and the small Meda Island and finish again at the small Estartit beach.

Altogether 5,200m, there is also a shorter version of 3,400m and another for new swim addicts, the swim baptism, a 1,700m-swim, ideal to be released and to be accompanied by an expert swim addict.

The swims will be held November the 4th, but if the weather won't be enough good, the swims will be on November the 5th So, swimmers need to block the whole weekend.


Medes 3,4km

Medes 5,2km

Punta de les Salines - Estartit 1,7km

Marató de TV3 supports research against Infectious Diseases 

The 26th edition of the programme will be broadcast on 17 December and will deal with a group of diseases that cause one of every three deaths in the world, and which the experts say will become a serious problem for public health. Infectious diseases are caused by the invasion or proliferation of microorganisms that multiply in the human body until they harm it. They can affect the digestive, respiratory, reproductive, immune and nervous systems, the skin and, in some cases, the whole body. They can be caused by viruses, bacteria, protozoa or fungi. The commonest are those caused by viruses, with hepatitis and aids being the most serious; and by bacteria, such as sepsis, meningitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

Swim baptism - 1,7k

We have prepared a shorter cruise, before 3,4k and 5,2k and very affordable for those swimmers who are not used to swim in the sea usually. The distance of the cruise is only 1700 meters, between Punta de les Salines and Estartit, and we will transfer you by a boat with underwater view. If you plan to swim 3,4k or 5,2k, this is the ideal activity to swim with your couple or your friend. 


To complete the week-end, we have prepared a relay activity, in the same Estartit beach. You must create teams of four people and every swimmer will need to complete 800 meters each. For more information click here.

Safety buoy

In order to improve the swimmer’s security, the use of an ISHOF Neda el Món safety buoy is recommended.  This buoy makes swimmers more “visible”, and, in case a swimmer gets injured or very tired, he or she can cling to it, without affecting at all the swim effectiveness. For more information click here.


  • Boat companions Medes. For only € 8, you can enjoy the swim from a boat that the organization provides and that will also go around the spectacular Medes islands. The boat has underwater view, so companions will see the seafloor. You can take the boucher here.
  • Accomodation. Contact our Official Hotel, Hotel Panorama, and book a room with 15% discount: or 972751092.
  • Wetsuit rental. You can rent a wetsuit at
  • Insurances. All swimmers and all volunteers will have a liability insurance and an insurance against accidents.
  • Briefing. There will be an informative briefing in English for the swimmers the day before the swim at 8pm. Neda el Món will also provide information about the Montgrí Natural Park, the Medes Islands and the Baix Ter river.
  • Cloakroom service. There will be a cloakroom service for all participants at the arrival area.
  • Food and drinks. Neda el Món will supply food and drinks at specific points during the crossing. At the arrival, all participants will be offered food and drinks too.
  • Physiotherapy. On arrival a physiotherapy service will be offered by a team of professionals from “El Quinto Meta”.
  • Wetsuit cleaning. While you recover from the effort you can clean your wetsuit at the Estartit Yacht Club.
  • Showers: The swimmers can get a shower at the Estartit Yacht Club.
  • Security/medical service. In first place the kayaks will provide security. In case anybody needs to be evacuated, pneumatic boats are available. In addition there will be a medically equipped boat and an ambulance at the arrival.

Swimcap Zero

Very special element you can find in this event, "Swimcap Zero". For those who want to collaborate with the charity of TV3 Marathon, you can buy for only € 20 the swimcap of the TV3 Marathon here. 100% of income "Swimcap Zero" will be credited automatically to the account of the TV3 Marathon.

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