2018 Challenge: Crossing Gibraltar Strait


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Crossing the Strait is one of the most challenging swim for any swimmer. This particular crossing attracts swimmers from all over the world, but despite the fact that it is a short swim, its conditions make it tough and very complex.

First of all, Neda El Món only accepts swimmers who can demonstrate through competition or crossings results a minimum pace of 3.0K per hour and the assurance that can come to at least 3 out the 5 training sessions scheduled in Barcelona. 

Neda El Món coordinates the crossing along with ACNEG, which is the association in charge of the channel. We are in contact with them throughout the year and they help us complete the crossing following the best currents and providing all the needed assistance to cross the Straits (medical services, 2 support boats and staff to supervise the swimmers). The pack that we offer includes ACNEG services, accommodation in Tarifa, online training sessions and 5 training sessions in Barcelona, as well as free participation in all our crossings (with a couple of exceptions). You can see the explanation here:

In addition, we allow up to 24 registrations and we make 6 groups of 4 swimmers. All swimmers who belong to a group have a similar pace. However, swimmers must be able to go at a pace 3.0K per hour. The groups are made in the training sessions scheduled in Barcelona, where we can see the different paces, and then create the groups accordingly. Afterwards, in the coming sessions, we tweak the groups until we have all the swimmers comfortably swimming together at (more or less) the same pace. Should there be any group of swimmers who request to go together, all the swimmers in the group must go at a similar pace or wait for each other, should they have any different paces. 

Please, let us know if you have any specific doubts we can help you with at


Maria Rossell Pujol
9/8/2017 3:47:14 PM
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