Muscle ramps and how to prevent them


Surely many of you suffer muscle ramps at some point during a swim or an intensive training. But do you know the reason why it happens to you?
During the sports practice, our muscles shrink and relax to be able to swim. At the time of contraction there is no problem, but ... what happens when the muscle relaxes? For the muscle to relax it needs electrolytes or minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium ... If you do not have enough of them to reach relaxation, the ramp occurs.
So the ramp is the inability of the muscle to reach muscle relaxation due to a lack of minerals or electrolytes in the blood ,either because we have not ingested enough of them or because we have made a sustained effort and we have consumed the reserve we had.
What if I have a ramp? What do I do? The easiest way to proceed is to strech muscles affected very carefully. Then apply massage and very soft stretches to fully recover.
And most importantly, how can I prevent it? With ingestion of minerals in the diet and isotonic drinks. If they still persist or do not improve with immediate stretching, it is important to see a doctor.

Noemí Prieto. El Quinto Meta.

Maria Rossell Pujol
7/21/2017 9:13:59 AM
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