Tips for open water swimming


open water crossing tips
On Monday, July 17th, one of our swimming coaches, Marian Garcia Aguado "Bombom", provided some tips for open water swimming. Marian was a water polo from a young age, since she became an open water swimmer as a grown-up. Marian told us how to train open water swimming  from her own experience.
Marian tips' summarized:
1- Sensations. You train to swim in the sea, so you have to train at the sea, without leaving the pool.
2- Dry-land training. It is very important to combine swimming training with two or three weekly dry-land workouts. She recommends doing them before entering the water, but every person is a completely different world.
3- Technique. Train the technique to the pool. It will help you improve the body's position on the water and therefore slide more, and as a result you will go faster.
4- Feeding. Try the bars / gels / isotonic drinks during training to see if you tolerate them well. During the crossings is not time to try new things!
5- Loads. Quality above quantity! If you train for a 10K, for example, you do not need to add 20KM per week. What you should do instead is a load of 15KM or 16KM with dry-land sessions. You do not have to go crazy with the loads!
If you want to come a day to train with us, you can see the schedule here.
In September the club activities will be resumed! We are waiting for you!

Maria Rossell Pujol
7/20/2017 9:13:39 AM
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