Great weekend in Calella at the Neda el Món Training Camp!


Training Camp Neda el Món

Thanks to all those attending the Neda el Món Training Camp for such a fantastic weekend! We hope you have enjoyed and learned a lot and are even more motivated for a fantastic open water season!

Thanks also to the excellent teachers who shared their valuable knowledge with us: Marian García, Roger Pérez, Noemí Prieto (El Quinto Meta), Fernando Castillo and Loli Medina.

And of course thanks to the Crol Centre Calella for leting us enjoy its fantastic facilities.

Do you want to keep learning with our technical team? You couldn't make it to the Training Camp and all those pictures on our social networks made you jealous? No problem, Neda el Món's training provision never stops!

Join the Neda el Món Club and enjoy with us of workout sessions for open water swimmers in the swimming pool and in the sea, and now also swimrun sessions!

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