100% success on the first week in the Straits of Gibraltar!


Strait of Gibraltar Neda el Món

Today Saturday 10th we've closed an exciting week in the Strait of Gibraltar, where 100% of our swim addicts have succeeded to swim it across: 16 out of 16!

Our most sincere congratulations to:

Nathaniel Waring, Oliver Koehncke, Nicolas Tiffu and Mark Turner 
18 km en 3 horas i 33 minuts

Albert Riba, Pau Pujolá, Pau Domeq and Daaniel Teet
17 km in 4 hours and 1 minut

Adrien Champoux, Pierre Weisbein, Dino Sebti and Joseph Hess
18 km in 4 hours and 19 minuts

Antoine Ansart, Olivier Richarté, Pablo Crespán and Tuomas Kaario
18.2 km in 5 hours and 5 minuts

As you see every day in the Strait is a different adventure.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page where we will update almost in real time about the 2 groups swimming next week. Good luck swim addicts!

Do you feel like joining the challenge for 2017? Check here all information and stay tuned to the registration process opening!

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