May 1st: 6th Neda el Món Prades Siurana swim!


Neda el Món Prades Siurana

Swim addicts! The 6th Neda el Món Prades Siurana swim is just around the corner! It will be on May 1 and you'll be able to choose between three distances: 3,000 m, 6,000 m and 9,000 m, with competitive and non-competitive category.

The Neda el Món Prades Siurana is a fresh water swim in a unique environment that never ceases to amaze newcomers and veterans. You have to live it! It’s also an ideal event to bring your friends and relatives and enjoy the weekend.

The Siurana Lake is surrounded by spectacular sceneries of the Montsant Range. It’s near Prades, a wine land, olive oil land and hazelnut bushes.

More information and registrations on this link!

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