Saturday July 4th, open water training El Masnou - Premià. Choose your distance!


Entrenament Neda el Món

Whether you are just a beginner in this open water thing as if you are a experienced swim addict, you have an appointment in El Masnou next Saturday July 4th!

That's because we are organizing an open water training session with distances adapted to the level of each swimmer: 1,000 m, 2,500 m, 5,000 m and 8,000 m. Pick yours!

The training will be supervised by the Neda el Món Club technical team with the following objectives:

  • Analyzing the basic flaws in freestyle swimming
  • Introducing warm up and warm down habits in the workouts
  • Improving the technique of swimming in the open sea
  • Understanding the structure of a workout
  • Exposing the benefits of a training program

More information and registrations on this link!

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