Sport nutrition with Neda el Món


Neda el Món

Neda el Món wants to take care of your health and your efficiency. That is why we offer a sports nutrition service.

The sports nutrition is an important part of the invisible training. Trough a correct nutrition program you will have the necessary nutrients at any moment in order to optimize your efficiency, which will help you to reach your sports challenges.

The specific and personalised nutrition programs are adapted to the different stages of the training and the open water season (keeping in form, training, before the challenge as well as during the crossings and the recovering afterwards).

Which benefits does the Neda el Món nutrition program provide?

  • Get healthful nutrition habits
  • Improve your efficiency during the competition
  • Avoid health problems and injuries
  • Improve your immunological condition
  • Avoid nutrition mistakes
  • Use the adequate supplements in relation to the training phase

Check on our website the different nutrition programs you can sign in to.

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