Buy your Neda el Món iSHOF buoy at a 13% discount!



To end the year on a good note and only until January 13th, buy your Neda el Món ISHOF buoy at a 13% discount! Visit our online store and choose your size. It is available in 64x30cm and 60x26cm.

The Neda el Món ISHOF buoy is specifically designed to provide a safety aide for open water swimmers, serving four important functions without hindering performance or hindering your stroke.  When considering personal safety and peace of mind for you and those who care about you consider the following advantages of this device:

  • It makes you visible to boaters, jet skis, kite boarders or other potential human hazards while you are swimming.
  • It can be used as a floatation device when you need it in the case of cramps, dizziness or injury.
  • It can be used to rescue others
  • It can keep your stuff safe while your swimming or allows you to take along your stuff on one-way swims across the sea, rivers or lakes. 

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12/9/2013 10:05:39 AM
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