Congratulations Xavier, François and Gabriel!


Estret de Gibraltar Neda el Món

Xavier Levy, Ingrid Basso, François Peyrot and Gabriel Acosta started on Monday at 9:51 am the Strait of Gibraltar crossing. It was a bright day with a calm sea and they were able to swim quite a few meters without major problems.

When they were about 4 km to finish the swim, Ingrid had to pull out due to an indisposition. Besides that, the 4 swimmers had to be uploaded to the boat momentarily due to the sighting of 2 sharks

Shortly after, Xavier, François and Gabriel were able to continue the crossing and arrived to Punta Almansa in 3 hours and 56 minutes. Such an excellent time!

Gabriel also achieved a small milestone in the history of his country, since he has become the first Colombian to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar. In addition, he did it for a great cause, which was raising money for the children in his country. Congratulations, champ!

Ingrid recovered shortly after and I will try it again!

Take a look at our Facebook page to see more pictures and videos of their swim.

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