About the sea temperature in Medes



The sea temperature on the Costa Brava is currently 15ºC. And the forecast is that by the weekend of May 5 it will rise to a maximum of 16ºC. Taking into account this scenario, we have obviously asked ourselves questions. And we've taken those questions to the experts. Can we normally organise the 15th Neda el Món Illes Medes per la Marató de TV3 by ZOGGS normally?

The unanimous answer was yes, but with some recommendations for swimmers:

  • Only those who are very, very adapted to swimming in cold water can do so without wetsuit.
  • As a general rule, everyone should wear wetsuits to avoid being exposed to cold water for too long time.
  • It is also recommended to use neoprene gloves, socks and even swimcap for those who suffer the most from the cold.
  • You need to keep calm when entering to the water. The feet, hands and, above all, the head will suffer from the cold at the initial moment. You need to relax, not get overwhelmed and keep swimming calmly because this feeling will go away in 3 or 4 minutes. Then you can even enjoy the cold water.

These recommendations will allow you to swim all distances without any problems, including 5.1k. If you feel more comfortable with shorter distances anyway, no problem if you want to switch to shorter distances. Just ask us at and we will proceed with the change.

Marc Caballé van Mol
5/1/2024 6:37:47 PM
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