Historical ranking of Rhodes Marmaris by Neda el Món & ZOGGS



Spectacular experience this season at Rhodes Marmaris. A great experience with the swim addicts, with the local skippers, with the local suppliers and with the local authorities. We felt very welcome and were able to enjoy like a real family the swim addiction and the spectacular places of Rhodes Island. As always, when it's your first time, you never know what you might find. We all enjoyed together and learned a lot about the people, the winds, the currents, the Aegean Sea.

There were 14 swim addicts who trusted in Neda el Món to cross from Europe to Asia, from Greece to Turkey, for the first time. We present them here, where you will be able to find the times, routes, direction of the swim... all the details of their spectacular crossing.

Next year, more and better in the Rhodes Marmaris!

Marc Caballé van Mol
11/10/2023 2:02:42 PM
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