Resounding success in Bonifacio... one more year!



Neda el Món continues with the same dynamics as last year and repeats 100% of the swimmers who manage to cross the Strait of Bonifacio between France and Italy! All the swimmers have completed the training and this has meant that they arrived in Bonifacio prepared to achieve the challenge in the best possible way. With a time of 5 hours and 15 minutes on average!

September 25th started early. At 8:02 we begin the crossing towards Sardinia. We left Capo Pertustato (Corsica) and headed towards Capo Testa. The groups were Tiburon, Limoges, Artem and Baltics. The first group was made up of Davide Tamborrini (Italy, the only one without a wetsuit), Pau Domeq (Spain), Paulo Torres (Portugal) and Raul Torres (Spain). This group managed to cross in 5 hours and 4 minutes. On the other hand, the Limoges group where we found people from Spain like Gabriel Trenzado, Miguel Bravo, Hector Quero and Juan Ramón Llorente and the Frenchman Richard Dacoury, managed to cross the strait in 5 hours and 23 minutes! The Artem group, made up entirely of Ukrainians Angelina Lypinska, Roman Domin, Yarolsav Ramonshko, Artem Panchenko and Sergii Matus, crossed in just 5 hours and 33 minutes. And the Baltic group, with Alejandrina Til (Russia) and Justas Narkevicius (Lithuania), achieved a time of 5 hours and 48 minutes for the Russian swimmer and just one minute later for the Lithuanian swimmer.

The 4 groups reached very similar times between them, and this is the result of the great coordination work of Neda el Món. But it is also part of the pre-crossing preparation of all swimmers from their own countries. Congratulations to all!!

Thank Lo Squalo Bianco, our motorboat supplier, for his excellent work. Grazie mille Lo Squalo Bianco!

Martí Bailac Gonzalez
10/1/2023 6:36:15 PM
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