Another success of Neda el Món in Gibraltar!


After crossing!

After the crossing of the second group on Monday 4th September, on Tuesday 5th it was the turn of Alexander Malinin (Russia), Boris Najafov (Azerbaijan), Jaume Bombi (Spain) and Igor Rachkov (Russia). They had an incredible performance, given that the sea currents were not very favourable. All the time they kept the group compact, the result of the previous work during the whole year attending the training sessions held in Barcelona.

They reached a total time of 4 hours and 40 minutes and a total distance of 16.20 km. They were together all the time and enjoyed the crossing like never before!

Congratulations guys! And get ready for the next challenge of your life!

Martí Bailac Gonzalez
9/7/2023 6:45:52 PM
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