Great attendance at the 1st Training Camp of 2023 crossings



This past weekend 15th and 16th April we organised the first of the 5 Training Camps planned for 2023 for the swimmers who have registered at the crossings with Neda el Món. On Saturday, after the kick-off briefing, we run a pool session led by our great coach Jonathan Gómez, and on Sunday we did a 6km sea training around Arenys de Mar.

We are sold out for Gibraltar, but there are still 3 registrations for Bonifacio, 1 for Rhodes Marmaris, 2 for Menorca Mallorca and 8 for Cap de Creus. Don't miss it! There are already 63 swimmers who have accepted the challenges of Neda el Món this 2023. If you want to be the next one, don't think too much!

Marc Caballé van Mol
4/17/2023 9:42:04 PM
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