8 new spots for Bonifacio 2022!



8 new spots to cross the Strait of Bonifacio with Neda el Món! The Strait of Bonifacio crossing by Neda el Món & ZOGGS will take place throughout the spring-summer of 2022, with the 4 previous training sessions between Lloret, El Masnou and Calella, and which will end with the crossing in the last week of September 2022. You're still on time!

Like the Strait of Gibraltar, the Strait of Bonifacio has become one of the great challenges for open water swimmers in recent years. The Strait of Bonifacio is the sea channel that separates the island of Corsica (France) from the island of Sardinia (Italy) and connects the Tyrrhenian Sea with the western part of the Mediterranean Sea. The crossing is between 13k and 15k long. You have all the info here.

Marc Caballé van Mol
4/29/2022 9:54:12 AM
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