Jonathan Gómez: Neda el Món, in the best hands!



It has been many years now that Neda el Món and Jonathan Gómez have worked together. And we, Neda el Món people, are very, very happy! Jonny is an exceptional coach: he is technically impeccable, and, on top of it, he has an unequalled passion which immediately captures the swim addict. But, above anything, it is the way he is: always attentive, always friendly, always nice.

We enjoy Jonny ‘s presence during the Neda el Món and Swim Emotions training sessions, and we will enjoy his presence during the 13th Neda el Món Illes Medes per la Marató de TV3 by ZOGGS, as well as at the Clinic the day before at Estartit. We can’t wait to be there Jonny! Thank you!!

Marc Caballé van Mol
1/23/2022 1:07:58 PM
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