Sa Dragonera (Mallorca): June 16th



On June 16th we will swim in Sa Dragonera!

Sa Dragonera is located in the westside of Mallorca, opposite the western coast of the municipality of Andratx, and very close to the town of Sant Elm. It is a discreet little islet, which has the beauty of home-made things.

The Sa Dragonera Natural Park is formed by the islets of Es Pantaleu, Sa Mitjana, and the Calafats reefs. It is one of the Balearic islets with the greatest conservation interest due to its bio-ecological and landscape aspects. Without a doubt it is a spectacular swim! 

The area where we will swim, Sa Dragonera, is a long islet (4 kilometers) and quite narrow (one kilometer maximum), with a surface area of ??288 ha and 352 meters high at its peak. It is a prolongation of the Serra de Tramuntana, and it reproduces on a small scale the basic structural features of it, inclined towards the southeast and cliffs to the northwest.

On June 16 we will swim around the Sa Dragonera Park on a 9.5K crossing.

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Maria Rossell Pujol
6/1/2018 11:02:46 AM
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