Sailfish wetsuit Attack Women

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The perfect symbiosis between flexibility, durability and buoyancy at a mid-range price.

The sailfish attack offers the best-possible combination of flexibility, durability and buoyancy in the upper-mid price range. This top-quality suit is designed to keep pace with the performance of a high-end suit - but at a much more affordable price.

The sailfish attack is built with a combination of the best outer materials: SCS Nano Skin neoprene in the chest minimizes drag, while the SCS #39 neoprene used in the other parts of the suit make it extremely robust and elastic. The suit is very comfortable to wear and provides freedom of movement in an astounding range. This is accomplished through the use of highly flexible Ultra Soft Stretch lining in the all-important arm and shoulder regions. The remaining interior is lined with skin-friendly Soft Stretch. The ergonomically tailored leg and hip panels improve buoyancy and - in combination with the new Stability Panel Carbon Plus - increase hip stability. By avoiding excess hip rotation, the swimmer is automatically brought into a streamlined and stable form in the water. 

Moreover, the new Waffle Grid Panels on the forearms make for more effective forward propulsion from arm strokes.

The sailfish attack is an absolute all-around talent for any triathlete, from beginner to IRONMAN competitor.

Material: 100% Nylon bonded to neoprene   



Women Wetsuit Size  Weight in kg Size in cm
Extra Small W-XS 42-50 kg 140-160 cm
Small W-S 48-54 kg 145-165 cm
Small Medium W-SM 52-62 kg 150-175 cm
small Medium Long W-SML 52-62 kg 175-185 cm
Medium W-M 56-68 kg 165-180 cm
Large W-L 62+ kg 170-185 cm

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