Sailfish Wetsuit Ultimate IPS Women

875,00 €


The ultimate neoprene suit with maximum freedom of movement, even buoyancy and not least it's first class gliding properties guarantees a swimming experience beyond compare.

Our experience from 10 years of wetsuit development culminates in the Ultimate IPS and sets the bar extremely high for everything that is yet to come. Thanks to maximum freedom of movement, extraordinary buoyancy and ideal underwater gliding properties you can count on our lates newcommer to achieve your new personal best in the water!.
The Ultimate IPS fits perfectly to your body thanks to its snugg fit, a low collar and our ergonomically designed panel composition in the groin, leg and hip area.

The production with high-quality Nano Space Cell 2 Neoprene leaves nothing to be desired with regards to flexibility and gliding properties in water. The wafer-thin nano coating of the neoprene creates a surface that provides nearly no resistance in water. The Stability Aero and Chest Panels set new standards to stability of hip and chest area and your streamlining in water. Higher buoyancy is provided by the Aerodome neoprene material with enclosed air cells. For a pleasant-to-wear sensation on the skin, we count on Avevia Super Dry inner material. Due to this extremely flexible and water resistant polyester the material stays extremely light even when wet and makes it possible for you to take off the suit rapidly.

The newly developed Zero Resistance Panel allows you to swim effortlessly and efficiently. Due to the specifically designed armpit panel we managed to reduce the effort per stroke to an absolute minimum. With an outstretched arm, there is in fact no material resistance.

The Nano Space Cell 2 is the ne plus ultra of surface coatings and reduces the frictional resistance in the water to a minimum. The water-repellent surface lets you glide incomparably fast through the water.

The v-shaped arrangement of elements reduces the arm's resistance when entering the water. In the subsequent pull phase they provide an increased pressure build-up on the forearm. The V-Power Panel optimizes your power use and lets you glide through the water more efficiently.

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