Sailfish wetsuit G-Range Women

750,00 €


The sailfish flagship G-Range takes flexibility to new extremes, with a second skin feeling that gives athletes the freedom they need. Experience unmatched comfort!

In the past years the sailfish G-Range has proven its strength in numerous IRONMAN and World Cup victories and as a four times award-winner in Europe's largest triathlon magazine.

The new edition features a superb combination of unlimited mobility, well-balanced buoyancy and optimum hydrodynamics. This high-end neoprene suit offers a whole new swimming experience!

The flagship G-Range features the exclusive Nano Space Cell neoprene material for the ultimate in flexibility, buoyancy and drag reduction.

The Nano Space Cell neoprene surface is impregnated with a miniscule layer of nano-coating that reduces its drag coefficient to nearly nil.

The suit's Avevia Super Dry lining is made of a special nylon that minimizes absorption and remains extremely light even when wet. This allows the wearer to conserve energy and stay strong in the water much longer than possible with conventional materials.

The ergonomically tailored leg and hip panels improve buoyancy and - in combination with the new Stability Panel Carbon Plus - increase hip stability. By avoiding excess hip rotation, the swimmer is automatically brought into a streamlined and stable form in the water.

Moreover, the extra-large V-Power forearm panels provide for maximum arm stroke effectiveness during the underwater pulling phase.

Some of the world's top athletes have been involved in development of the G-Range, to make our suit the ideal choice for people with the highest demands on material quality.

Material: 100% Nylon bonded to neoprene

Women Wetsuit Size  Weight in kg Size in cm
Extra Small W-XS 42-50 kg 140-160 cm
Small W-S 48-54 kg 145-165 cm
Small Medium W-SM 52-62 kg 150-175 cm
small Medium Long W-SML 52-62 kg 175-185 cm
Medium W-M 56-68 kg 165-180 cm
Large W-L 62+ kg 170-185 cm


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