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PACK for the most fanatical of Swimrun. Flot Shoes + Flot Calf. Your flotation system for the feet and the tibia that will help you in your careers and more demanding workouts.


Flot Shoes
Float system for feet.
Made with floating and light material.
Its design allows to be used while running and at water whitout worries during the swimrun race thanks to its lightness.
How to use: piece with 4 holes that allow attachment to the shoe.
This easy system allows the feet to float and keep them in a proper position while practicing swimrun in water.
It has an ideal measure so it does not disturb in the different disciplines but at the same time have a perfect flotation.
With this flotation system you can get rid of the Pullboy.

Flot Calf
Flotation system for the tibia. Shinguard made of a material of extreme floatation and lightness. Easy to adapt thanks to its flexibility.
Its design allows easy ventilation and fast evacuation of the water, without causing symptoms of sweating, so the swimrun practice is ideal.
How to use: Used under compresses or long socks to have a greater control of the piece.
The Flotcalf favors the flotation of the legs to be able to have a better position of the body for the practice of the swimrun in the segment of swimming.
It can also be of great protection from the area of the tibias in the rocky areas.
With this flotation system you can leave aside the Pullboy.

Gift of a silicone cap and a T-shirt

Remember to confirm your shirt size in the comments.

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