Sailfish wetsuit Edge Longsleeve Women

259,00 €


New edition 2017!

The sailfish Edge and Edge Longsleeve are the hybrids among the
neoprene suits. They unite extraordinary gliding characteristics with
a swim suit’s lightness and unlimited freedom of movement.
The body zone oriented Ergo Fit Cut ensures the optimum fit. The
brightly coloured Flatlock seam creates an unmistakable look,
makes the suit comfortable to wear and prevents uncomfortable
The 0.5 – 2 mm thick Smooth Skin neoprene is significantly thinner
than the material of a typical neoprene suit. This is why the
buoyancy is only minimal, the protection against becoming
hypothermic on the other hand is ideal.
An innovative, super light neoprene suit.
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
W-XS, W-S, W-SM, W-M, W-L
Material: 100% nylon bonded to neoprene

The Edge family is especially suited for the ambitious swimmer  with good water feeling who wants to profit from gliding

properties even in warm water temperatures, but who does not
want to overheat.
The Edge is perfect for long swimming units in cool outdoor
swimming pools and open waters.
It will also delight beginners and breast-stroke swimmers who
want to benefit from a cost-attractive wetsuit.
The super light hybrid is your cost-attractive partner for secure protection against the cold.

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