Sailfish wetsuit Rocket Women

359,00 €


New edition 2017!

The new sailfish Rocket offers unlimited freedom of movement
without neglecting the buoyancy. Thanks to a clever material choice
our “Long John” is predestined for every swimmer who likes to swim
in warm waters with additional buoyancy or who values swimming
without sleeves.
Various material strengths of SCS #39 Neoprene on the thighs and
in the breast area provide for balanced buoyancy and little water
resistance. The pleasantly and softly ending armholes reduce water
penetration to a minimum.
The ergonomic panel management ensures the perfect fit in the
groin, leg, and hip area. Additionally the Stability Panel Carbon Plus
made out of strengthened neoprene material stabilizes your hip.
Those who can go without warmth protection around their arms,
because they swear by total freedom of movement or because they
swim in warm waters, will find that the new sailfish Rocket is an
exquisite alternative to the classic neoprene suit.


Women Wetsuit Size  Weight in kg Size in cm
Extra Small W-XS 42-50 kg 140-160 cm
Small W-S 48-54 kg 145-165 cm
Small Medium W-SM 52-62 kg 150-175 cm
small Medium Long W-SML 52-62 kg 175-185 cm
Medium W-M 56-68 kg 165-180 cm
Large W-L 62+ kg 170-185 cm

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