Swim Holidays Dubrovnik

A new version of Neda el Món's SwimHolidays!! Holidays and open waters... Swim the World!! On this trip to Croatia you can enjoy the beautiful city of Dubrovnik, from the land and from the sea, and the spectacular scenery of the surrounding islands (Lokrum, Kolocep), while doing what you love most: swimming!! And with distances to choose from, adapted to all swimming levels.

But in addition, we combine it with a spectacular 3-day cultural program: old town of Duvrovnik, Slano and its spectacular bay, and Ston, with one of the longest and most impressive walls in the world with 5 kilometers in length. The experience of your life!

The SwimHolidays Dubrovnik pack is limited to 12 people and costs €1,225 per swimmer and €1,200 for companions until December 1, 2023. If you want to pay in installments, you can request it at Includes travel from Barcelona (or other origins), transfers from the airport and various visits, and accommodation for 3 nights in Dubrovnik.


Day 1 - Free tour Old Dubrovnik

Day 2 - Swim Lokrum - Stage 1 (1.6km)

Day 2 - Golub Spilja cave visit

Day 2 - Swim Lokrum - Stage 2 (2.5km, optional)

Day 2 - Guided tour Old Dubrovnik (optional)

Day 3- Swim Slano - Stage 1 (1.7km)

Day 3- Swim Slano - Stage 2 (2.5km, optional)

Day 3- Ston visit

Day 3- Ston saline visit

Day 3- Ston wall visit

Day 4 - Swim Kolocep - Stage 1 (1.7km)

Day 4 - Svietionik cave visit

Day 4 - Swim Kolocep - Stage 2 (0.6km)

Day 4 - Blue cave visit

Day 4 - Swim Kolocep - Stage 2 (1.4km, optional)

Day 4 - Bige cave visit


  • Day 1, afternoon. Free visit to the Old Town of Dubrovnik.
  • Day 2, morning. Swim at Lokrum island, right in front of the old Dubrovnik, with distances to choose from. During the journey you will visit its spectacular Golub Spilja cave.
  • Day 2, afternoon. Guided tour of the Old Town of Dubrovnik. Guided tour is optional.
  • Day 3, morning. Swim at Slano, from its bay to the nearest beautiful beaches, with distances to choose from.
  • Day 3, afternoon. Visit Ston, its salt flats and its great wall.
  • Day 4, morning. Swim at Kolocep island, with distances to choose from. During the journey you visit several caves: Svietionik, Bige and Blue Cave.


  • The journey from Barcelona to Dubrovnik, Croatia, will be by plane. We will leave Friday, 21st June, and come back Monday 24th June. In case you prefer leaving from another place, Neda el Món will consider other possible options. All the trips will be organised by VIATGI.
  • Transfers. By car, from and to Dubrovnik airport and visiting cities: Slano and Ston.
  • Accommodation: The nights of June 21-24, in the city of Dubrovnik. The rooms will be double or triple.
  • Swims: 3 crossings will be organized, with different stages and with distances adapted to the level of each swimmer. There will be a motor boat and kayaks to support the swimmers.
  • Medical service:  The motor boat will dispose of the necessary medical service in case a swimmer might need it.
  • Relatives. The program of the relatives will be adapted according to their preferences (follow-up by boat, by car, visits to beaches ...)
  • Insurance: All swimmers will have a Liability Insurance and an insurance against accidents.

Note: Acceptance of entries will be subject to a minimum number of entries (8). If the minimum number of registrations is not reached, 100% of the amount will be refunded.

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