Neda el Món SwimRun Clinic

Would you like to know more about the sport that’s in fashion? Would you like to know more about SwimRun? Neda el Món is offering you a SwimRun Clinic. It is going to last a whole day, it includes lunch, and you will be offered knowledge, approach and practice of this new discipline which is conquering our country. In this Clinic, you will take full advantage of the knowledge and experience of our team of experts, who will direct the theoretical and practical part of running techniques and open water techniques. The Clinic will be held at the Centre Espai de Mar at the Barceloneta beach of Barcelona. It’s the most appropriate place to experience those additional techniques that enhance the SwimRun. 


  • Familiarisation with SwimRunning.
  • Knowing the basic characteristics of a SwimRun competition.
  • SwimRun training planning.
  • Building in the skills and techniques focused on swimming long distances in open water.
  • Building in the running skills and techniques.
  • Identifying the possible risks that you might find during a SwimRun, and learning how to reduce them.
  • Experiencing the on land training system for a SwimRun, combining functional work, flexibility and TRX exercises.
  • Observation and following the advice for nutrition and hydration during a SwimRun.

9am-9.30am     Arriving and welcome to the swimmers

9.30am-10am   Presentation and introduction to the SwimRun concept

  • What is SwimRun?
  • SwimRun regulations.
  • Specific SwimRun equipment.
  • SwimRun transitions

10am-10.30am  Swim theory and technique

  • Crawl technique.
  • Crawl technique adapted to open waters.
  • Swim training planning adapted to SwimRun.

10.30am-11am   Run theory and technique

  • Technique and specificity of trail running.
  • Run training planning adapted to SwimRun.
  • Use of on land training in order to benefit SwimRun.

11am-11.10am   Clothes changing (group locker rooms)

11.15am-12am   Open Water exercise

  • Crawl technique.
  • Crawl technique adapted to open waters.

12.10pm-1pm    Running exercise

  • Technique and specificity of trail running.

1.30pm-3pm      Lunch, recovering strength

  • A choice between 3 starters, 3 main courses, a dessert and drinks.
  • Included in the inscription fee.

3.30pm-4.30pm SwimRun ergo-nutritional aid

  • Pre-competition nutrition.
  • Nutrition during the competition.
  • Post- competition nutrition.
  • Product testing.

4.30pm-6pm     SWIMRUN EXPERIENCE - SwimRun simulation

  • Pre-SwimRun warming up.
  • 3 running sections (6km).
  • 2 swimming sections (1.5km)
  • Transitions with all the equipment.
  • Final feedback with participants and coaches.
  • Final conclusions.

1st Neda el Món SwimRun Barcelona promotional video

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