Sports supplements workshop

Neda Món and our partner NutriExper are organizing a sports supplements workshop in which attendees will get information about the nutritional aspects and impacts of different energy supplements in endurance sports (gels, bars, jellies, beverages hypo, iso and hypertonic, etc. . ) and how it affects the athletes' performance.

We will count with the presence of some brands specialized in sports nutrition, as our sponsors and GU Energy and Restart Energy Drink.

The workshop will be as follows:

  • Delivery to the attendees of different energy products samples.
  • Evaluation and analysis of each of the products delivered and its impact on sport.
  • Learn when it will be suitable ingesting a supplement or another and the timing : training , pre-competition, competition and recovery.
  • Learn how should we do the product testing to observe tolerance depending on the difficulty, intensity, duration of exercise.
  • Tasting and opinions on each of the products (taste , texture , digestibility, etc. ).
  • Question time.

A pack of GU Energy and ReStart Drink products will be given to each attendee at the end of the workshop.

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