Safety in open water swimming


  • Promoting safe open water swimming
  • Identifying the circumstances that may occur in open water
  • Assimilation, application and respect of the individual and collective safety rules when we start an open water activity
  • Defining the assisting task of the kayaks during a crossing
  • Coordinating the swimming activity with the assistance and guidance of the kayaks
  • Outlining the respectful way of acting towards the environment

Theoretical sessions

  • Safety in open water swimming
    • Planning of a crossing
    • External weather conditions
    • Individual and collective safety rules
    • Coordination with assistance
  • Kayak assistance and safety during a crossing
    • The kayaks, the first security arch
    • The kayaks’ assistance tasks
    • Communication procedures
    • Escort formation according to the number of swimmers and the kind of crossing
  • Safety arches in an open water crossing

Practical session

  • Safety demonstration session
    • Rescue and towing by a kayak
    • Communication procedures reminder
  • Practical session in open waters
    • Swimming a crossing with kayak assistance
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