La Finestra Sul Cielo, new Provider & Experience Maker


finestra sul cielo

La Finestra Sul Cielo joins Neda El Món as a Provider & Experience Maker in the 5th Neda El Món Illes Medes-Illes Formigues.

The group created in Italy in the late 70's offers high-quality organic food and develops products that aim to improve the lives of consumers and the environment. 

La Finestra Sul Cielo makes products with ingredients that come from organic farming and does not use those containing chemical or synthetic substances in its treatment (such as insecticides, pesticides ...). In addition, it certifies that the raw material used comes from natural crops, is ecocompatible, and is free from GMOs, preservatives, chemical dyes and hydrogenated fats.

In addition, all the elements used, from the seed to the final product, are certified by an officially recognized control body. That's why when you choose La Finestra Sul Cielo you can be sure that it meets all these requirements and that it safeguards for your well-being. 

Quality, commitment and 100% organic product!

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Maria Rossell Pujol
28/09/2017 16:40:02
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